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star wars themed kitchen

Star wars is one of the, most popular movies created. It was written by George Lucas, produced and distributed by Walt Disney. It is an opera franchise that was centered on a film series. It is more than a space movie which has become phenomenal around the globe. The producer of Star Wars initially was Lucas film in 2102 but Walt Disney latter bought the company for $4.06 Billion.

Star Wars dates back in 1977 and 9 movies have been created out of it and 3 are still in preparation to be released in 2018,2019 and 2020 respectively. The franchise holds a Guinness World Record for the most successful movie. It is estimated that the value of the franchise is an estimated $42 Billion. It has incidentally been more popular than the TV series, video games, comic books and a lot more! One interesting fact about star wars is that one of the themed video games was the most expensive in the market.

The three first movies are the original trilogy then the next three are prequels and the rest are sequels; these series do not follow a specific chronological time.

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The plot is about the major fight between good and evil and the various races in the community. The good side is the Jedis and the dark one is the Sith. There is a force involved which is one of the principle elements in the saga; this force is what both the dark side and the good side are looking for in order to emerge as the most powerful. By the Jedis side, they are looking for peace and justice of the entire galaxy and the evil side they are looking for dominion and destruction.

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There is a mix of romance and drama that keeps the film interesting, the reason the saga has a lot of popularity and acceptance. The love story portrays the leader to the dark side, (Darth Vader) turned to the dark side (Anakin Skywalker) after having several relationships with the good side.

The series shows all the ambitions and greed of the human beings and how father and son can betray each other for power.

Star Wars Themed Kitchen

Star Wars Spatulas

Star Wars Death Star Spatula - Food Grade Silicone, Oven and Dishwasher Safe Underground Toys Star Wars Lightsaber Spatula Star Wars 11" Silicone Spatula 4-Piece Bundle - Cute New Designs - Use the Force with Pinache

Star Wars Popcorn Maker

Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker - Hot Air Style with Removable Bowl Star Wars R2-D2 Hot Air Popcorn Popper Star Wars R2-D2 Mini Stir Popcorn Popper

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