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Best bakers rack for kitchen with wine storage

​8 Best bakers racks for kitchen with storage

A bakers rack has become a trending choice for the display of China, toiletries, and kitchen knickknacks. Bakers racks were originally designed to cool batches of pies, pastries, and bread fresh from the oven, and were made of wrought iron.

A bakers rack combines countertops with shelves. They are made of metal, wood or a combination of both. In addition, depending on your chosen style, one can be intricately ornate. Its flat work surface works divinely as a place to decorate your cookies and cakes or to roll out your dough or as a chopping board.

A bakers rack often incorporates components, such as stemware racks and compartments for your wine bottles. Other features include enclosed cabinets with glass doors, silverware drawers, removable serving trays, and wicker storage baskets, among others.

Their versatility arises from elements that allow them to adorn any room of your home, including outdoors. When you use a bakers rack outside the kitchen, it attains a different designation, an étagère. An outdoor bakers rack with doors presents you with an ideal setting to store your smaller gardening tools or a potted plant.

Étagères were quite popular in 18th Century France and had designs exclusively targeting corner of a room decorative furnishing. The modern étagère is a small bakers rack that provides additional storage space, showcases ornaments, and holds small book collections, among other features.

In addition, an étagère bakers rack not designed for a room corner provides alternative storage options that are alluring and fanciful.

The Different Types of Bakers Racks

A bakers rack would facilitate the establishment of a sense of organization for your kitchen or any other room you would choose. With this organization would come a better opportunity to spruce up your home, clean it up, and extract additional space to keep more items.

A number of functions, designs, and structures are associated with this kind of home furniture. As such, understanding the types of bakers racks out there would go a long way in helping you pick one best suited for your unique needs.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of bakers racks. These are the kitchen bakers rack, the Étagère bakers rack, and the outdoor backers rack.

1. The Kitchen Bakers Rack

This type of bakers rack has features, components, designs, and utilities that purely target the kitchen environment. With this piece of kitchen furniture, you have an excellent place to store your saucepans, pots, cooking utensils, food ingredients, and spice racks, among others.

The Kitchen Bakers Rack

Other items that go onto a kitchen bakers rack include decorative pieces and kitchen heirlooms, such as old wine glasses, original Chinese dinnerware, and traditional vases. Cookbooks and potted plants have a great place here too. So do canned food ingredients, liquor, coffee, and fruits.

For the baking connoisseur, a bakers rack is a handy piece for furniture to have in a kitchen. Besides a place to cool freshly baked goodies, you can store rolling pins, spatulas, measuring cups, flour, baking soda, and sugar.

Some kitchen bakers racks have hooks onto which you can hang your potholders and kitchen towels. These give you ready convenience and safety particularly when working with appliances and utensils that are not cool to the touch.

Your assortments of baking appliances are right at home on the kitchen bakers rack. These include ovens and mixers.

2. The Étagère Bakers Rack

A bakers rack used away from the kitchen setting falls into this category. So does one with features allowing it to work either in a kitchen or elsewhere inside your home, such as a folding bakers rack.

A corner bakers rack is triangular shaped such that it fits snuggly into a corner. They are designed to fit a corner of any room, adding more space for a home with limited spacing. Their functions include storage utilities as well as decorative purposes.

The Étagère Bakers Rack

A backers rack with drawers brings organization to various materials, whether in your study room, or kitchen. The drawers offer safe haven for pointed and sharp utensils away from young children. Heavier equipment such as ovens and mixers or heavy cooking ingredients such as sacks of sugar and flour have a home in a metal backers rack.

The wrought iron bakers rack is right at home in your library or reading area. It comes with easy storage access, for heavy items or equipment, in any room or hallway.

A wooden bakers rack rhymes with your traditional Scandinavian or old country kitchen design besides providing convenient storage. One can be made of walnut, beech, or oak combined with lighter material such wicker.

For that clutter ruining your living room or kitchen, a bakers rack with cabinets sorts things out. Into the cabinets, store items you wish to remain hidden. These include old glossy magazines, books, and an assortment of other reading material. Onto the shelves may go gaming, television series, and movie DVDs.

For the wine buff, a bakers rack with wine storage features allow you to store your bottles with easy convenience. On the shelving would go your wine stemware. Bottles remain horizontal for safety and slope gently downwards, preserving taste and keeping the cork wet.

3. The Outdoor Bakers Rack

An open-air bakers rack is an ideal setting to put away gardening tools or display the exotic potted plant. It comes with designs to enhance your balcony, terrace, or back garden.

Indoor/Outdoor Folding Bakers Rack

This is besides its normal function, converting small-unused space into handy working areas and provision of storage shelving. Outdoor bakers rack versatility arises from fabrication material that enables it survive diverse weather conditions.

At the end of the day, the best bakers rack is one that will bring the best sense of organization, tidiness, and cleanliness to your living room, kitchen, or outdoors.

8 Best ​bakers racks reviews

​This bakers rack buyers guide will critically analyze eight top bakers rack products and also present you with additional information regarding the different types and what to consider while purchasing one.

1.​ Finnhomy  Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart​

​This is a kitchen bakers rack and as the designation implies, its original purpose is to help you accomplish your assortment of baking routines. It will let you store your baking ingredients, among them sugar, flavoring, flour, and baking soda.

Its bakers rack shelving components also allow you to store your baking related equipment, such as your mixers and oven. Your spice racks and pots of different herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, and basil, have a place too.

bakers rack with cutting board
Features You will Love

This product will provide additional storage space. With this space, you can keep your pans, dishes, utensils, and pans.

In addition to kitchenware, you will have a place to display decorative materials. A potted plant, for example, can serve as a ornamental piece while helping in keeping odors at bay. Pots of flowering plants placed on its bakers rack shelving would spruce up your kitchen space too.

It comes with adjustable and durable shelves. Composed of a four tier construction of supreme chrome, it features three bottom and one top shelves. These create extra storage facilities where you can store your microwave oven or rice cooker. Its adjustable shelves allow you to increase or reduce shelve height to fit in taller applianc​es.

​The top shelve works superbly in organizing your cooking ingredients such as oils and spices. It has a removable thick bamboo top for your cutting board procedures. This thickened bamboo top may also serve as a holding place for your utensils and appliances.

You will get six chrome hooks that will increase your utility through giving you a means to hang your pots, pans, and dish towels.

With this bakers rack for microwave and other appliance storage, you will get a maximum load ability of 250 pounds per shelf and 400 pounds for the entire rack.

This bakers cooling rack has top quality anti-rust shelves made of chrome. This will let you safely store your fresh meat, fish, and vegetables, besides placing your hot bread or cakes on to cool.

Physical Features

This bakers rack with cutting board is manufactured by Finnhomy, whose warranty details are available from your customer care agent.

It will weigh 32.5 pounds once it lands on your doorstep and 28.34 pounds once it is assembled. It measures 14 by 36 by 61 inches in dimensions.

The Finnhomy 14x36x61" 4-Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart Microwave Stand With Chrome Shelves And Thicken Bamboo Cutting Board will require assembly and its packaging contains instructions on how to go about this.

All the parts required for assembly are included in the packaging.


  • It makes for easy, about one hour, assembly procedures
  • ​It comes with a durable Bamboo cutting board


  • ​Cutting board is relatively thin and not heavy duty

The Finnhomy  4-Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart Microwave Stand With Chrome Shelves And Thicken Bamboo Cutting Board is a perfect choice if you have a cluttered kitchen and yearn for more storage spacing.

This adjustable and collapsible bakers rack will assist in instantly organizing your messy kitchen items into a neat cooking working area, ready for your next series of culinary adventures.

2. ​Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack Wood & Chrome

​​This chrome and wood bakers rack will help you bring a sense of organization to your kitchen. It will assist in keeping everything necessary for your cooking in place. It is perfect for the storage of pans, pots and other cooking utensils.

This product comes with a wooden cutting board, requires no tools during assembly, and has a durable chromed metal construction. It will bring order to your kitchen, garage, or office.

kitchen bakers rack with storage
Features You Will Love

It comes with a hanging bar that has four hooks. These give you easy storage hanging points for your pots, pans, and cooking utensils. It has a wooden board that is conveniently removable. You will be able to use it as a cutting board on which to chop your assortment of favorite food ingredients.

For the perfect blend of stylish functionality and kitchen décor, this metal bakers rack is made of chrome steel finishing. To allow optimal storage for various sized kitchen items, the shelves on this bakers rack are adjustable through one-inch increments.

For bakers rack of this type, the lower shelf offers the best place to store the heaviest kitchen appliances. Its bottom shelve gives you a 250 pound weight holding capacity when you evenly distribute this weight.

Physical Features

This is a product from Whitmor, a fourth generation family owned and operated enterprise, located in Southaven, Mississippi. They specialize in the creation of organization, storage, garment laundry, and care accessories. Their manufacturer’s warranty is available from your customer care agent.

The Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack Wood & Chrome measures 14 by 36.2 by 55.2 inches in dimensions. Once it lands on your doorstep, it will weigh 34.6 pounds but once it is assembled, it will weigh 14 pounds.

It is a wire bakers rack that comes with a removable cutting board top, which you can use as a butcher’s block or to store cooking ware and appliances.

Two adjustable shelves come below the cutting board and there is another adjustable shelf above it. You get chrome hooks to hang your utensils, dishtowels, saucepans, and pots.


  • ​An easy to assemble and sturdy product that does not wobble
  • check
    Sleek shiny steel look gives it a nice clean look


  • ​ Instances of warped cutting board or its failure to lay completely flat have been reported
  • close
    Top shelf cannot accommodate heavy stuff

This compact bakers rack fits a number of items, which allows you to free up your countertop and cabinets. Should you have kitchen floors that are not totally level, it has adjustable feet on its poles that take a few quick turns to create rock steady solidness.

It fits in snuggly in a kitchen that has other blonde wood and wire rack features. You can buy this product to put all your pet’s utilities in an organized environment too. These include the pet’s food, feeding and water bowls, toys boxes and treats.

3. ​Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Baker's Rack Utility Microwave Oven Stand Storage Cart Workstation Shelf ​W5s-B 

​​This bakers rack with wheels will give you additional kitchen countertop space through a perfect and sturdy place to house your microwave oven and other appliances. It will take you no more than forty-five minutes to put together, once it lands on your doorstep.

 The main structure is made of stainless steel while the cutting-butcher board is wooden. It has three tiers on the right and two tiers on the left. Three hooks adorn both sides of the structure. It comes in a number of colors with beige and black being the most common
bakers rack for microwave

Should you have a small counter in your office and require more spacing, this rolling bakers rack is a great product to have around. It has wheels giving you mobility to whichever part of your kitchen or working space you need to work from.

Features You will Love

The bakers rack shelving comes with two tiers on the left and three tiers on the right that will hold a number of your kitchen accessories with ease. It has three little hooks on both sides that will give you a convenient place to hang your cooking tools.

The metal and wooden bakers rack has stainless steel shelving for clean looks and a wooden chopping or butcher board for precise food and vegetable preparation. These materials also make for easy cleaning while giving you a durable storage and food preparation working station.

This kitchen bakers rack presents you with multi-functional benefits that include working as kitchen organizing rack, a dish rack, a microwave oven stand cart, and a dish organizer. All these functions go a long way in making your kitchen space cleaner and tidier.

Physical Features

On arrival at your doorstep, this bakers rack with storage facilities will weigh 30.3 pounds. You will need to assemble it and the manufacturer will provide the requisite assembly tools as part of the packaging. Once it is assembled, it will weigh 30 pounds.

The manufacturer’s Warranty details are available from your customer service agent.

It is manufactured by PRC for Soges, a United States Local Brand with fifty production lines. This enterprise designs, manufactures and ships modern and traditional furniture for markets worldwide.

The Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Baker's Rack Utility Microwave Oven Stand Storage Cart Workstation Shelf W5s-F measures 35.4 by 15.7 by 32.7 inches in dimensions.


  • ​Fairly easy to put together
  • ​Spare hardware, wrench, and screwdriver for assembling provided as part of the package


  • ​The assembly directions may appear unclear to some people
  • close
    The parts are not clearly labelled and might present assembly challenges

The Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Baker's Rack Utility Microwave Oven Stand Storage Cart Workstation  is a great product to house your microwave oven with additional utilities such as storage space for diverse kitchen appliances and utensils.

The wheels allow easy movement, to allow floor cleaning and easy access to specific working stations as you prepare your food.

4. ​Southern Enterprises Wrought Iron Bakers Rack with Scroll Work, Black Finish

​​This bakers rack with drawers brings to your kitchen an impression of stylish simplicity besides solving storage issues in your kitchen. As a wrought iron bakers rack, its scroll work adds a traditional touch to your kitchen while giving it a modern farmhouse façade.

Beautiful and attractive, this bakers rack with storage facilities will make such a wonderful addition to your kitchen or dining space.

bakers rack with storage
Features You Will Love

Among the components of this bakers rack are four roomy wickerwork basket drawers that will give you space to store your cookbook, an assortment of kitchen gadgetry, and dishtowels. These baskets slide out rather smoothly, giving you easy access to your stored items.

You will get a warm looking oak counter that oozes a butcher-block stylish appearance.

You will have an opportunity to showcase your fancy cutlery or collection of spices. These could have a place above the countertop of this kitchen tower, where two deep wire shelves appear.

Furthermore, this furniture piece, its rattan baskets drawers, and its oak chopping board, comes from a great composition of beautifully mixed materials. Its black with honey finishing color comes together with wrought iron scroll work to give your kitchen a modern farmhouse flair.

Physical Features

This product is made in China by Southern Enterprises Inc. Its weight on landing on your doorstep is 51.5 pounds and 51 pounds once it is assembled. Your customer care agent will provide manufacturer warranty details.

This bakers rack with drawers is made of pipe, flat metal, wicker, solid wire, veneer, and medium density fiberboard. The countertop comfortably supports 40 pounds while each shelf holds 15 pounds, and the overall weight support rises to 100 pounds.

The baskets can hold potatoes, onions, and bread. However, the baskets work well only when kept in the rack, if you do not put anything too heavy into them, or try to carry them around.

It measures 19.5 by 28 by 65.2 inches in overall dimensions. The countertop measures 25.5 by 17 by 13 by 30 inches with 30 inches being its height from the floor to the shelf.

Its shelves measure 26.75 by 8.5 by 8.5 and the wicker baskets measure 11 by 14 by 8.5 inches with a floor clearance of 6 inches.


  • ​A sturdy and firm bakers rack that pets can run on without causing damage.
  • ​Perfect for a kitchen or other space with limited space


  • ​Instructions are not as precise as would be required of this kind of furniture piece.
  • close
    Tiny items cannot go into the wicker baskets due to corner gaps.

Glowing reviews speak of a lovely looking piece of furniture for any space and one that feels as if each item placed on it was meant to be there precisely.

The Southern Enterprises Wrought Iron Bakers Rack with Scroll Work, Black Finish offers substantial utility within a kitchen but it is also ideal for your bedroom or hallway.

It is the perfect piece of furniture to add character and charm to your kitchen décor.

5. ​SEI Dome Bakers Rack, Black

​​This bakers rack with wine storage facilities is a means to expand storage options once it occupies a portion of your space. Through this beautiful and substantial inflection piece of furniture, you will obtain additional functional display and storage space.

It will give you an opportunity to bring to life your creativity as you arrange your spices and plants on its two stylish basket shelves.

bakers rack with wine storage
Features You Will Love

This bakers rack with wine storage provisions, gives you six utility hooks that you can move around and use for whatever hanging utilities that come to mind, such as hanging bananas.

With its solid metal tube fabrication and durable black finishing, this fashionable bakers rack brings durability and versatility to your kitchen.

Its light cerise workspace brings out a stained wood accent with the additional presence of a solid chopping or butcher’s block countertop. With its five wine bottle rack and two fully sized wire shelves, you will attain ample storage utility for jars, bowls, plates, and your wine.

The wine rack that comes below the wooden top is a cute addition to this bakers rack. This is because it holds five normal sized bottles while positioning them in a downward angle that keeps your wine corks moist.

The top is ample enough to hold a 700-watt microwave oven or various other small kitchen appliances, saving you on kitchen countertop space. In addition, it has two adjustable and removable nesting baskets that give you 15 pounds of storage spacing each.

Physical Features

The SEI Dome Bakers Rack, Black consists of a rack that accommodates five normal sized wine bottles, two adjustable and removable nesting baskets, and two fixed shelves. It has a painted on black finishing with a light cerise stained countertop.

It is made in China for Southern Enterprises Inc., of metal tubing and Medium Density Fiberboard.

Where dimensions feature, it measures 17 by 26 by 68 inches overall, where the countertop measures 23.75 by 15.75 by 30.75 inches in height from the floor. The shelves measure 23 by 16.25 by 10.5 inches in height from the floor. The Demilune baskets measure 11.5 by 4.75 by 2.5 inches.

The shipping weight is 40 pounds and 34 pounds once you have fully assembled it. The countertop will hold 40 pounds, each shelve 20 pounds, and each nesting basket 15 pounds.


  • ​Superb looking ubiquitous piece of furniture for a home
  • ​A very easy piece of furniture to assemble through easy to read instructions


  • ​Components call for close scrutiny to confirm all are in place and in order
  • close
    Instances of rusted components have been reported

Your Kitchenaid or microwave oven will be right at home on this bakers rack. Setting it up is a breeze because all the requisite pieces and instructions are clearly labeled, easy to understand, with a gorgeous and sturdy furniture piece the result.

It comes with baskets large enough to fit your spice range and they are removable too. It has a curved rather than squared dome, giving your kitchen a rustic and stylish look.

6. ​Coaster Brown/Sandy Black Finish Metal & Wood Baker's Kitchen Rack w/Drawers

​​This bakers rack with drawers will bring a sense of organization to the storage of a range of paraphernalia within your kitchen, or study room perhaps.

Those items whose access you require on a regular basis would go on the shelves. Conversely, those that require safekeeping or irregular access could go into the drawers.

In reference to safety, the drawers offer a convenient place into which knives and other pointed items can go, away from easy reach by young children.

bakers rack with drawers
Features You will Love

This shelf stand presents your storage needs with a piece of furniture that will accent your kitchen or other areas of your home with a distinctively charming cabinet.

With its crafted combination of wood with an oak tobacco finish and metal, your kitchen décor will benefit immensely from the resulting two-tone stunning façade.

Its three levels of shelving offer plenty of stowage area through a bottom wire shelf and two tiered upper shelving.

It has two drawers that will give you a storage area to tuck away your diverse kitchen accessories and various small items. You will get a wine rack with a low setting giving you a display rack and easy access to your favorite bottled drinks.

Physical Features

This bakers rack will most likely arrive at your door step in two packages.

The total packaging weight shall be 97.9 pounds but once you have it assembled, it will weigh 75 pounds.

Where the assembled height, width, and length feature, this bakers rack will measure 74 by 14.5 by 37 inches in dimensions.

Assembled, it will consist of a wine rack, two drawers, one bottom wire shelf, and two tiered upper shelves.


  • ​It matches a wide variety of kitchen décor with ease
  • check
    A perfect setting to display treasured China, cast iron pieces, etc


  • ​Assembly challenges may arise if instructions are not strictly adhered to.

This is an excellent piece of furniture to brighten a boring section of your kitchen, such as hiding an air intake register while still leaving the intake open.

This is in addition to storing diverse kitchen paraphernal items and food ingredients.

​7. ​Steve Silver Company Hamlyn Bakers Rack


This metal bakers rack will give you an excellent opportunity to compliment item storage in your kitchen or dining with the settings. With its decorative scrollwork and bronzed pewter finishing, wavy panels, and an earth tone inspired marble cutting board, it will give you a clutter free storage area.

bakers rack with baskets
Features You Will Love

This is great looking product with excellent construction. It takes a little time to put together, which assembly is easy to undertake.

The Steve Silver Company Hamlyn Bakers Rack effortlessly executes the façade of a very expensive piece of furniture yet it is easy on the pocket. Besides, its serves its intended purpose rather well.

The top quality marble top will give you an excellent working platform for chopping various food ingredients or butchering your meat stuff into cooking-convenient small pieces.

Alternatively, this marble top will comfortably hold your priced cutlery, food preparation appliances, spice rack, and so on.

It comes with a wine rack that will allow storage of your favorite bottled drinks while holding them in the recommended downward leaning position.

Physical Features

The most prominent feature of this bakers rack, the marble top, is made of marble veneer, which arises from thin slices of real marble adhered to the frame work, through heat and pressure. This gives this furniture its real marble beauty without the weight and heavy cost.

This is not only economical but also an excellent manner in which to give this rack its marble looks while strengthening it. Natural marble can be both fragile and too time consuming to take good care of.

The rest of the bakers rack is made from a bronzed metal base and powder coated metal components that remove scratches and rust from your list of worries.

The apron is fluted and the entire ensemble has a casual styling, and requires assembly.

On landing on your doorstep, the entire package will weigh 88 pounds but once you have it assembled, it will weigh 70 pounds. It measures 18 by 42 by 73 inches in dimensions, again on assembly.


  • ​Well-constructed, looks terrific, easy to assemble, and is a great product


  • ​Scrutiny of the delivery package is critical to ascertain appropriate parts are all present

The quality of the Steve Silver Company Hamlyn Bakers Rack is excellent and its marble top makes its value for its purchase price exceptional.

​8. ​Celtic Bakers Rack w/ Wine Storage 

​​​A bakers rack with drawers, this kitchen piece of furniture will bring elegant beauty and a wine brasserie theme to your kitchen space. This is as it assists you in organizing your storage and display issues that arise in your kitchen.

It has all the hallmarks that would allow you to turn it into a full bar, if you wished. Across the top, you can fit a number of bottles of alcohol and there is a place to hold twelve bottles of wine. It is a relatively small bakers rack but its looks and utilities more than counter this size limitations.

bakers rack with wine rack
Features You Will Love

It comes with two hand stained rattan baskets on its lower shelve that function as detachable drawers and above these come two open versatile shelves.

Another full-length rack tops this piece of kitchen storage furniture and functions as slatted workspace.

These, combined with a set of glass holders and a twelve wine bottle rack, six bottles per side, will create an ideal environment within your kitchen for the wine connoisseur. The wrought iron scrollwork decorating the top laces this wine bar with a classic touch.

Its mixed metal composition, in finished gunmetal gray for the mainframe, and its honey baskets, brings out a soft county charm.

Physical Features

The physical structures that make this bakers rack with drawers include a broad slatted working space, a twelve wine bottle holder down the middle, two slatted shelves above two respective rattan basket drawers, and two racks for glassware.

It is constructed in China of rattan and wrought iron and you will need to assemble it once you receive it. On assembly, it will weigh 29 pounds and will comfortably support 80 pounds of your chosen items.

The Celtic Bakers Rack w/ Wine Storage - Gunmetal Gray has a coarse gunmetal gray finishing and honey colored rattan basket drawers. It measures 36.5 by 11 by 36 inches overall in dimensions.

The top shelf, on assembly, will measure 35 by 10 inches, the open shelves 13 by 11 by 14 inches and the baskets 11.5 by 9.5 by 8 inches. The package comes with easy to follow assembly instructions.

To enjoy the utilities this bakers rack brings to your household for years after purchase, certain general care protocols are essential. These include keeping it away from direct sunlight to stop fading.

It needs protection from liquids and intense heat, avoid abrasive cleaning procedures, and dusting with a soft dry cloth is recommended.


  • Ensemble is sturdy, easy to assemble, and clean
  • check
    ​The down the middle wine rack is uniquely perfect


  • Large wine bottles do not fit in the circular slots, only standard sized bottles do
  • close
    ​The shelves are not solid surface so small items cannot stand

The bakers rack looks beautiful and would serve wonderfully as your modest kitchen wine-liquor storage and display unit. The bar would hold your liquor and wine bottles besides other kitchen utensils, cutlery, and food ingredients.

The Celtic Bakers Rack w/ Wine Storage - Gunmetal Gray is perfect for the kitchen with limited spacing and slanted ceilings. Into such a kitchen, tall furniture pieces would otherwise be problematic to fit in snuggly.

What To Consider While Purchasing A Bakers Rack

Once you purchase the best bakers rack, it will work wonders where saving money, exertion, space, and time feature. Your kitchen, living room, or home in general attains that clutter free and organized façade you yearn.

However, prior to making that purchase, a number of issues call for careful considerations, among them the following:

The Objective

Understanding the purposes that you intend to accomplish with a bakers rack constitute a critical issue of consideration before you can buy one.

As a kitchen organizer, it is a place to locate kitchen materials where required. It brings color to a section of a kitchen, as a decorative piece in itself, as a structure to hold decorative pieces, such as heirlooms and potted flowers, or as a structure to hide unbecoming features, such as an air vent.

Its name speaks of a piece of furniture whose objective is to help a baker. A vintage bakers rack holds freshly baked food items as they cool. It denotes a storage for a baker’s tools, appliances, and ingredients.

Think of one as a drink station where you place an assortment of drinks in its cabinet or shelves. For a coffee connoisseur, the creamer, sugar, coffee beans, and coffee maker have their own place on the shelves. For the wine connoisseur, the bakers rack with wine storage facilities is a great companion.

You can teach young children to organize toys and school paraphernalia using a bakers rack with drawers and cabinets. With clear labelling, the children will learn where to keep or find a toy or particular book.

The same goes for your pet. Litter and food items have a place in the bottom shelve or wicker basket of a bakers rack with cabinets. The assortment of collars, leashes, favorite toys, balls, and pictures of you and your pet have a place on the shelves.

For the art lover, the crayons, watercolors, paint, pens, and art paper have an excellent place for stowing away on a bakers rack with cabinets. The gamer simply arranges the computer game DVDs, board game knickknacks, and play stations on the shelves or in drawers of a bakers rack with drawers. The academic and bookworm need a place to shelve various books and academic periodicals neatly. A wrought iron bakers rack would serve this purpose neatly.

The laundry area has a penchant to produce clutter that requires sorting out. Detergents, cleansers, shampoo, fabric softener, loose buttons, receipts, and coins fall into this category. A narrow bakers rack provides an avenue to fix this clutter challenge while sprucing up the laundry environment.

The Price

Costs associated with bakers racks rest on function, material, durability, size, shipping, and vending brands. There are also issues, such as maintenance, cleaning, and buying accessories, to ponder on.

You may buy a cheap product but be aware maintenance associated with such a product may push up the ultimate cost higher than the initial cheap buying price.

Looking After

A bakers rack will require routine maintenance and cleaning, depending on its make. Routines include painting, polishing, tightening loose components, and adjustments to meet new requirements.

The manufacturer provides instructions on how to assemble, where needed, and how to look after it. Such instructions demand scrutiny and adherence. This way, your bakers rack meets the purposes, for which you bought it, with ease.

Fabrication Material

Genuine wood furnishings arise from tree trunk woodcuttings, such as maple, oak, or beech. Since this is not recycled materials, a bakers rack made from genuine wood is often more expensive.

Engineered wood, on the other hand, arises from gluing several wood fibers joined together under pressured heat. Coming from recycled material, bakers racks made of engineered wood, such as medium density fiberboard, are more affordable and offer high durability.

Medium density fiberboard attains the looks and feel of genuine wood with veneer or laminate finishing. Wooden veneer comes from real wood slices adhered to a bakers rack under pressure and heat. This popular method gives furniture texture and exotic appearances while keeping costs affordable.

Laminates arise through pressing layers of certain material together and then applying it to the furniture frame followed by sealing with thermo setting resin. The resulting laminate sheet then goes onto a bakers rack’s surface as finishing.

Laminate materials include plastic, metal, and wood. These bring strength, durability, easy cleaning, and an ability to withstand heavy usage.

Pure metals are either too brittle, too soft, or chemically reactive to create great bakers racks. Alloys arise from combining two or more metals together, the purpose being creation of more stable and stronger metals. The result is a metal bakers rack with durable finishing and resistance to corrosion.

Marble veneered bakers rack come from thin real marble slices adhered to the bakers rack through pressured heat. This is not only economical but also a great method to give a bakers rack its marble looks, strengthen it, and a way to avoid natural marble’s fragility and time consuming care routines.

Tempered glass comes from treating glass with chemical solutions or heat, creating a stronger glass bakers rack than one made of galvanized or regular glass.


Take measurements of the space where your new bakers rack will occupy. This way, you will buy one that fits. Naturally, a commercial bakers rack for your enterprise would be much bigger than a narrow bakers rack for your little loft.


As with any furniture, let your bakers rack reveal your personality while complementing other furniture and fittings within your home. Most important, however, ensure your chosen bakers rack meets your needs and suits your style.

Best coffee table must read buyer guide 2018.

An interesting analogy speaks of the supermodel and her lipstick. Without lipstick, a supermodel would appear undone. Equally, if your living room does not have the best coffee table, it resembles this supermodel without her lipstick.

Pulling together an entire room may rest on the right coffee table. It provides that practical focus of a room, and it is a joy to make use of, with the right make and accessories. Some models have shelves, drawers, or hidden storage that will bring order to your living room clutter.

From the onset, it helps to set definition boundaries because what you may call a coffee table, your neighbor would call a cocktail table. With this understanding, the role you attach to your coffee table mostly depends on the applications you intend to put it to and the actual functions you end up applying.

Your coffee table is a piece of furniture you will use constantly for day-to-day purposes. As such, ensure that you pick a style that is easy to clean, easy to maintain, one that remains fresh for a suitable length of time, and a style that suits your living environment.

The options available in the market are limitless. However, identifying what you need will enable you narrow down your selection to a few top choices. This guide will inform you of what issues to look into, give you a top choice of 9 best coffee tables that suit these issues, and a table that summarizes appropriate traits of these five.

Factors to consider as you pick the best coffee table

A coffee table in your living space would have several purposes. It will complete a certain look you desire. It will store and display stuff you want to put away or show off. A question then would be which style would work perfectly for your space.

You could go with a wooden piece with chunky legs. You may go for a metallic frame topped with glass. It could be rectangular, round, or square. Options available in this regard are endless or even overwhelming.

round coffee table
cool coffee tables
best coffee table for small spaces
small glass and wood coffee table

Taking into consideration several factors, before you make that final decision, will help you break down this maze of options.

Studying these factors will steer you in the appropriate direction that leads you into picking the perfect coffee table for your living space.

1. How Much Will It Cost?

The price range for coffee tables rises from very budget friendly to very expensive. As such, before you venture out in search of your preferred choice, figure out your spending limits. Your proposed budget for this piece of furniture may be further influenced by other furniture pieces you may need to purchase. These include lighting, accessories, settee, sofa, chairs, side tables, and carpets.

Budgets and costs are, however, not cast in stone. As you shop around, you could come across a fabulous coffee table that costs the moon. So long as it does not compromise your style and quality of your other furniture pieces, go for it.

2. In What Shape Will It Be?

You have a plan for your  space. This space has that coffee table shape that fits snuggly into the scenario. Pets and children in your home also play a great influence on the shape of your proposed coffee table. So does whether the room is narrow, small, or large.

best coffee table for sectional with chaise
best coffee tables for small spaces

The coffee table with an efficient shape could make or break your living space. Rectangle is the standard coffee shape. It works nicely with any loveseat-sofa or chair-sofa layout. A golden rule is to ensure there is enough room for maneuvering around your table while ensuring it is big enough for hardiness and function.

A furniture item with a curved edge will eventually lead to sharp corner associated injuries, should someone fall or bump onto it. A rectangular shape that allows at least thirty inches between it and the console housing your television will give you ample room to walk between these two pieces. A round coffee table means more room to navigate around since it will curve away from your television console.

3. What Will Be The Chosen Size?

As you go about shopping for an appropriate coffee table for your living room, the dimensions your choice comes in matter. How high it rises is important because it must not come lower than two inches from the seat of your main couch. The customary height for this item is eighteen inches, which pairs nicely with customary sized couches.

modern coffee table with drawers

Your coffee table should normally be approximately two-thirds your sofa’s length for correct scaling.

The higher the couch you have, the taller should your coffee table be. A taller item brings higher convenience particularly if you entertain often. It becomes easy for your guests to set down a plate or a glass.

4. What Functions Will It Serve?

An important factor that you need to consider is what purpose your furniture piece will mainly undertake. The range of uses range from provision of storage, capacity for storage, to decoration functions.

small coffee table with storage
glass coffee tables for sale Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium

Coffee tables come with drawers or shelves that hold numerous articles. These include a stash of periodicals you hope to go through one day, to your children’s toys. Storage or not, you will most probably need a safe place to place a plate or drink without risks of them tipping over. Go for an item whose surface holds glasses and snack plates easily.

Should décor be the reason you hope to buy a piece for, focus on an item with texture, lines, and fabrication material you revere.

5. What Kind Of Material Will It Be Made Of?

This kind of furniture comes in wide ranging types of materials. Industrial pieces are made of metal. A combination of steel or brass and glass bring higher sophistication to a living space. Wood has its own unique feel to it, whether walnut, cherry, oak, or maple.

marble and glass coffee table

Cherry and walnut pronounce formality while maple and oak will give out a casual look. If you happen to use Lucite, you coffee table will appear to be floating in space while presenting that modern appeal.

Should your room already have fair amounts of wood tones, pick a glass or stone top table with accents of metal. Stone and glass are quite durable coffee table materials and they work well within a high traffic living space. In addition, glass top tables do not get watermarks and never warp. With these, your guests’ failure to use coasters will not be a problem.

6. What Style Do You Want to Present?

When you consider style, vintage, modern, informal, or formal, come to mind. Pick a glass top on sleek metal if you favor the contemporary look. A coffee table of rustic oak screams of country casual to the entire world. For the romantic in you, go for the round item with wood turned legs.

how high should a coffee table be

​To pick the right style for your living space and home, simply browse your decorating scheme for guidance.

7. Do You Appreciate Scale?

Assuming you were to pick that delicate coffee table recovered from your grandfather’s attic and you pair it with that heavy clunky overstuffed comfortable couch how would it look/feel?. This example stresses how critical appreciating scale is. Each piece of furniture in your living room must fit into the appropriate scale.

Pair a big coffee table with the overstuffed couch instead. These two pieces that bear equal size and weight will be much more at scale with one another. For that delicate coffee table, pairing it with a more delicate settee or loveseat is a much more of an appreciation of scale.

Simply put, scale regards visual weight and size of furniture pieces in your living room being comparable.

8. Do You Need to Hide Stuff Away?

Should you have remotes and periodicals scattered all over your coffee table, you should contemplate consider a storage table. Many pieces now have lift-tops or multiple drawers under which, or into which, all that mess may vanish.

solid wood coffee table with drawers
narrow coffee table with storage

A lift-top storage coffee table will give you place to hide your clutter as well as provide a tabletop that comes up, and out, to you. This kind of furniture will function as additional working space that raises your puzzle or laptop to the perfect position and height.

Take into consideration the scale and size of upholstery because numerous lift-top pieces and coffee tables with drawers are visually heavy, and are best compatible with larger scale sofas.

9. How About A Roll?

A caster coffee table should be perfect if you love to reconfigure your living room or if you have an active family. If you have a reclining loveseat or sofa, a caster item will scoot out of your way.

rolling coffee table
small side table on wheels

A rolling table will be much easier to move around when you require an open floor space to play with the kids or for you to work out.

In most cases, casters remain hidden behind a table’s legs. However, big industrial looking wheels have a way of sneaking into fashion now and then.

10. Should You Think Of Alternatives?

Take a leap away from what is normal. This way you will perhaps find the perfect coffee table that is actually not a table after all. Ottomans, chests of cedar, and old steamer trunks are excellent examples of alternative coffee tables.

best coffee tables for small living rooms
unique coffee tables with storage
storage ottoman with lift top table

Every option comes with its own unique and heterogeneous appeal. History teaches us that trunks were the only means by which immigrants brought their lives into the new world from the old. Luck might have granted you an old streamer trunk as inheritance. You could use this item nostalgically in the family room, where it would become a piece of conversation interest.

An ottoman, on the other hand, would bring an additional interesting visual item and texture to your room, particularly if it is made of beautiful fabric or leather. It would work rather well in a high traffic room with lots of usage. It could also serve a resting place to put up your feet up upon without needing to worry about the tabletop.

11. What About Small Groupings?

You need not confine yourself to thinking of one coffee table piece. Go for several. For that interesting perspective, place two sets of similar nesting pieces next to one another. Pull out each piece to expand your surface area as you stagger the tops too.

3 piece cocktail table sets
modern coffee and end table sets
coffee table with stools

Should you have wide space and cannot find a piece you like, why not place two tables beside each other, creating one bigger piece. Another choice could involve curating a number of garden tools and using them as a sofa-table solution. This variety of patterns and colors would fit perfectly into a bright and sunny living space.

12. Go Shopping

With a basic understanding of material, size, shape, functions, style, and budget, next comes venturing out for shopping. You can browse the online markets, visit high-end department, and specialty stores, you can wander among the antique dealers, or even cruise flea markets.

Remember to take your preferred measurements of your living space and furniture pieces, how high your sofa is, what space you have in front of the sofa, and photos of your other furniture pieces. These will assist in picking a piece that has the right scale, allow you to match your style, and fit the new furniture piece perfectly into your living space.

With the above factors put into consideration, an overwhelming assignment becomes a relatively easy task to accomplish. Let the tips listed above be your guide through which hunting for your ideal coffee table turns out into an inspirational and enjoyable venture.

Next comes a pick of the top nine coffee tables chosen using the information deduced from the above factors.

9 best coffee tables reviews 2018

1. ​Best choice products home lift top coffee table modern furniture w/ hidden compartment and lift tabletop

best lift top coffee table

​In today’s digital world, where many people now work from home, this non-traditional and versatile piece provides a working table from which you can comfortably work with your laptop computer.

Within this context, finding the best coffee table, one that caters for all these functions, can be a challenge. That is until you meet the Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table Modern Furniture W/ Hidden Compartment And Lift Tabletop.

This furniture piece features a design where its top section lifts upwards and away on hinges to reveal a hidden storage area with three lower shelves. Into the storage area will go all those items that would normally clutter your tabletop and you would love to hide away until you need them. These include blankets, magazines, remote controls, and books.

coffee table that lifts up

The top has traits that will allow you to extend it to create working space for your laptop and mouse while you sit comfortably in your sofa. With its smooth finish design and contemporary shape, it will match any home décor demands you throw at it.

This is a dark brown and black colored lift top coffee table from Best Choice Products. It has smooth edges and once it lands on your doorstep, you will have to assemble it from instructions included in the packaging.

Its dimensions, when assembled, will be 19.28 inches long, 41 inches wide and 24.5 inches in height. Its hidden compartment will be 16.25 inches long, 37.25 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Its three lower shelves will each be 18.25 inches long, 12 inches wide and 8.25 inches in height.

This piece will weigh 62 pounds on your space floor and will comfortably hold 100 pounds of your stuff. It is made of metal hardware and hardwood construction. Full warrant details from its manufacturer, Best Choice Products, are available from the agent handling your customer care.


  • ​Lift off lid lets you sit on the couch and eat without having to reach down for your food.
  • ​Brings multi-functional utility to your home and décor.


  • ​It is challenging to assemble because it has confusing instructions.
  • close
    Assembly requires field drilling of a few holes not included in the instructions.

The Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table Modern Furniture W/ Hidden Compartment  and Lift Tabletop features a style that will give your décor style a high-end look. 

Its hidden storage area will give you a hiding place for clutter you want hidden away from plying eyes when you have guests or vexing children.

2. ​Iohomes lendon square coffee table, white

best white coffee table

​​This modern coffee table will considerably enhance the modern ambiance of your space. It has a sophisticated glass tabletop center. This adds an extra dimension of avant-gardism to the coffee table. This also works to offset its expansive white tabletop, giving it an enhanced look of balance.

With its pure white finishing and underscored clean lines, it will bring style and sophistication to your living space.

With a spacious double tier design, you can use its second shelf to double your display and storage space. This will give you additional room to arrange your decorations and other items while giving you convenient access to those items.

A walnut finished divider, made of wood, forms the separation of the second tier. This creates a convenient and stylish four-compartment storage area to help you organize your print media and collectables.

With its silver finished peg legs, it attains a stylish elevation from the base giving you easy access and an additional contemporary element.

Once it lands on your doorstep, you will need to have it assembled. To clean it up, simply wipe its surfaces with a damp cotton cloth.

This modern two-level square coffee table comes from Taiwan. It has a matte white body finishing and is made of a medium fiberboard construction, veneer wood, and glass. Its feet are silver painted. Once you have assembled it, it will rise 13.2 inches high, be 31.5 inches wide, and 31.5 inches deep.

It weighs 49.8 pounds and its manufacturer’s warranty details are available from your customer service agent. This table is not lacquered, is prone to stains, and its white parts are shiny and laminate.


  • ​Beautiful and elegant, one that is not too hard to assemble.
  • check
    It has an easy to wipe down top with pencil and marker inscriptions coming off easily.


  • ​Glass insert requires careful assembly to fit properly.
  • close
    It is small and short for a large room.

This square coffee table would work quite well with your smaller sofa or a sectional. Coffee tables generally rise to about nineteen inches.

However, a modern coffee table, such as the ioHOMES Lendon Square Coffee Table, White, is lower and has become quite popular when coupled with modern designs.

If your quest is a coffee table that matches your chosen décor, one that fits into your room perfectly, and one that gives you secondary functional purposes, such as additional space, then this is the one for you.

3. ​Sauder Carson forge lift-top coffee table, Washington cherry finish

coffee table with lift up top

​​This coffee table has an interesting color description, Washington Cherry. The warmth of native recovered timber for its Washington Chery finish is the source of its inspiration. It has a riveted iron accent with matching hardware. This makes it an excellent accented piece for a modern home.

Upgraded functionality is cleverly integrated with a casual design that brilliantly accommodates entertainment technologies and the modern office. These include a dedicated storage, cord management, and pullouts.

With this piece of furniture, Carson Forge reminds the whole world about the top quality that American products can really be made off and how they should look like.

The Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish has a top that rises effortlessly to create a perfect working space while you are sitting comfortably on your sofa. This essentially makes it a raised desk.

coffee table that opens up

This product is a pressboard and ready to assemble coffee table. Once you set your expectations accordingly, you will get a top of the line product.

Should you not use this coffee table for your working desk from your sofa however, it is still looks wonderful and remains a solid and practical furniture piece. It has decent amounts of internal storage space. Its feet are created in a manner that prevents scuffing of your floor, especially if your floor is hardwood.

This piece of furniture has a top that will withstand fifty pounds. Its middle storage, which is ideal for iPad, laptops, cords, and remotes, can hold another twenty-five pounds of stuff. Finally, the bottom level shelves will take give you another forty pounds of storage space. Considering these traits overall, this is quite a good investment.

The Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish has hidden storage beneath its top. It has open shelves that will give you additional display and storage. It has wrought iron style accents and hardware and it is finished on every side to give you versatile placement.

It is manufactured in the United States and weighs a relatively heavy 64 pounds in your home and a shipping weight of 71 pounds. It measures 43.1 by 19.4 by 19 inches in dimensions. Its assembled length is 52.63 inches, the assembled width is 22.25 inches while the assembled height is 4.44 inches.

Support and warranty information from the manufacturer is easily available from your customer service agent.


  • ​This coffee table has a tabletop that rises to a relatively suitable level. Other models and designs tend to become too tall once they are fully raised. This one rises to a perfect level however.
  • ​This product comes with an excellent instruction manual and every component is clearly labelled. This makes assembly easy, straightforward, but time consuming.
  • ​Once this coffee table is fully assembled, it becomes very solid and beautiful. You will also get a hidden fifth leg right in the center, to augment strength to its design. Being a heavy piece of furniture, the augmentation should be welcome.
  • check
    The veneer finishing for this product is quite attractive and which when assembled, ceases to look like pressed-wood piece of furniture.


  • ​At no time will pressboard furniture, such as this piece, compare positively with solid wood material, especially in terms of strength and durability.
  • close
    It may be a challenge to slide on its veneers that are supposed to add decorative complexity to its design. This part of the assembling process will require some patience from you.
  • close
    An average non-technical person may require a second hand, plenty of room to work in, and plenty of light to work under.
  • close
    A word of caution, the edges of the tabletop are relatively sharp, particularly if you have young kids running around.

The Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish will give you a very efficient use of your living space.

You will get a coffee table and a desk also to work with an office chair when the need arises.

4. ​Niangua furniture live edge hickory rustic coffee table with copper pipe legs

rustic wood square coffee table

​​This rustic coffee table is a marvel piece for anyone who appreciates unique natural wood artisanship.

The one that lands on your doorstep will be as unique as your fingerprint. Each one is individually hand crafted such that advertisers warn customers products will vary slightly from advert pictures.

In a nutshell, you will not find anything resembling this functional work of art at the offer price. No big furniture creation company will make one as unique as this one for this much.

This coffee table is elegant, substantial, and natural. It will bring joy to your family and friends as you sit around it, look at it, or run your hand over its surface. It will give you connection to the Ozark forest it comes from, if only a slightly.

The creator promises that you will not find anything to match it in the market. Should you happen to find one with a live edge like this one, it will be at a price several times higher. From the log it is made from, the live edge is retained.

The slab thickness starts at two inches while the product has a one and ¾-inch thickness. This gives the piece natural elegance you will love as a part of your everyday life. Its unstained wood allows the natural grain and occasional knot to pop while the finishing is incredibly smooth.

Its removable hickory shelf brings additional support, storage space, refinement, and function to your space. You will get a solid coffee table, all seventy-five pounds of it. It assembles with ease from the clear illustrations provided and with only a few intuitive steps.

If you appreciate furniture pieces as nature intended, you will be smitten by the lovely qualities of its natural grain. The copper tubing juxtaposition with the nature-y solid wood will excite you.

The Niangua Furniture Live Edge Hickory Rustic Coffee Table with Copper Pipe Legs – 48″ x 23″ begins as a hickory-standing tree in an Ozark hardwood forest in Missouri. It is made from the hickory slab cut from the Ozark hardwood tree and nostalgic copper piping.

For the upright legs, a three quarter inch copper pipe is sweated with a torch the traditional way, while its half-inch diagonal struts have custom fitting to its copper joints and cotter pin securing.

This table rises 18.5 inches high, is 48 inches long, and 22 inches deep. All matters regarding warranty can be sorted out with your customer service provider.


  • ​Thick and solid wood made to last.
  • ​Copper tubing is actual copper, a soft metal with the design distributing weight perfectly.


  • ​You must read and follow assembly instructions carefully or damage the work of art.
  • close
    Each unit is unique meaning yours will be different from adverts or other physical pieces you have seen.

An interior decorator, a person who appreciates real wood, and one who enjoys restoring antiques, would endorse this excellent piece of workmanship.

The uniqueness and quality of this piece meet any stringent needs. It is a beautiful work of wood with all the natural traits.

You will love the grain striations, the knots, and the color variations.

5. ​Sauder edge water lift-top coffee table, estate black finish

black lift top coffee table

​​This is a coffee table more appropriate for smaller living spaces. It has an easy lift top, is convenient and sturdy. As expected of this size of coffee table, there is relatively little room in the inside storage. However, this storage is ideal for smaller items such as remote controls, a laptop, and a few periodicals.

It has a likable design and the top will lift to this perfect height, which is unlike other models that lift either too high or too low.

With this piece of furniture, you will add functional storage to the space in your living room. With its open shelves and hidden storage beneath the tabletop, you are getting a modern piece of décor, which will assist in containing your clutter

The Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table, Estate Black Finish has a wood tabletop that lifts up and then forward. It comes with a hidden storage set up beneath the top and has open shelves too. It has excellent finishing on all its sides, making it quite versatile for placements.

black coffee table with drawers
Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table, Estate Black Finish

The designers assert that this product is estate black in color and it is made from engineered wood and laminate materials. It is rectangular as the shape goes.

This product weighs 10.9 ounces and has living room space dimensions measuring 19.4 by 41.1 by 19 inches. It is fabricated by Sauder in the United States although many pieces are imported as well. Assembled, it rises 19.02 inches, occupies an assembled width of 41.1 inches and has an assembled length stretching 46.37 inches.

It comes in a packaging that weighs 76 pounds. Your customer care agent will give details about support and warranty to you. You will need to have it assembled.


  • ​This is the perfect product for a long and narrow living space.
  • ​It has a design that allows the display of decorations or books.
  • check
    There is plenty of room underneath for you to store a few books and even your laptop.
  • check
    Its lifting mechanism works smoothly, which makes the top easy to lift.
  • check
    The black or dark brown color would match quite well with the dark colored schemes used in other pieces of furniture, such as entertainment units and wall book shelving.


  • ​If you wish to reserve the unique design this product gives you, put in the dividers at the bottom with care to avoid splitting the wood. Perhaps the screws are too large, and as such, screw in one rather than two as instructed to avoid this furniture item splitting.
  • close
    Its instruction manual design and technicality level required to assemble this product may prove challenging to an average person not versed in putting together furniture stuff.

The nature of modern life dictates that our homes are also our offices. In this regard, any piece of furniture that allows you to work better and efficiently should be welcome. The Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table, Estate Black Finish is such a piece of furniture.

The coffee table, with its lifting and extending top, converts your living room into a working station with smooth fluid movement. It also reverts your living room back once your office work is done through flicking the top back. Your laptop and IPad can now come out from their underneath hidden space onto your coffee table, that has now converted into a working desk.

Working life at home can never be much easier.

6. ​Fab glass and mirror modern glass coffee table with shelf contemporary living room, white

glass top display coffee table

​​Your living room, drawing room, guest room, bars, or office would do with the sleek style that this modern white color coffee table would bring. Its glass tabletop has full back painting and it comes with a shelf to offer storage for the contemporary living space.

It will look great in your space and will brighten any room while giving it a sense of modernity.

This product comes from the manufacturer in dissembled components. This means you will have to assemble it using instructions that come as part of the package. It is easy to assemble and many customers attest to enjoying putting together its components to create this beautiful piece.

Its medium density fiberboard base gives it a stylish and sleek look, which is then reflected, onto your chosen space. If you happen to be a person who loves to keep a fish in an aquarium, this would be an excellent choice for hosting such an aquarium.

The shelf will give you an avenue to put away some of those things that inevitably clutter your life. There is the remote control for whichever electronic gadget you are not using. There is that glossy dieting magazine you love browsing or the top seller book you read between television series episodes.

With this glass coffee table, you will not have to worry about its surface getting distortions, watermarks, or warping. In this regard, you can rest easy when a guest or two forgets to use a coaster for their drinks or snacks. Cleaning up becomes an easy chore too since all you need is to wipe off dirt with a dump soft cotton cloth

This is a modern coffee table created by Fab Glass and Mirror. It comes in a variety of colors that include white, red, and black. It is made from glass and the base consists of medium density fiberboard materials.

As regards dimensions, its upper glass measures 23.5 inches in width and 43.25 inches in length. The lower glass measures 19.5 inches in width and 35.5 inches in length. The upper glass thickness is 3/8 of an inch or 10 millimeters and the lower glass has a thickness of 6 millimeters or a quarter of an inch.

Once assembly is successfully complete, it will stand 16.5 inches in height. Once it lands on your doorstep, the packaging will weigh 32 pounds and the final piece will weigh 28 pounds on your space floor.

Full details regarding warranty from the manufacturer will be available from your customer service agent supplying this product.


  • ​It has a lovely design
  • check
    Rhymes elegantly with other pieces of furniture.


  • ​It requires stringent adherence to instructions in the manual or it comes out poorly.
  • close

The Fab Glass and Mirror Modern Glass Coffee Table with Shelf Contemporary Living Room, White is a gorgeous modern coffee table according to rave customer reviews online.

Should your objective in having a coffee table in your space involve provision of a sleek modern style, this is the product for you.

​7. ​Ashley furniture signature design mestler rectangular cocktail table, rustic brown

rustic centerpieces for dining room tables

​​This is one product that shall bring that relaxed sensibility and splashes of subtle colors into your living space. Irrespective of whether you desire a refined and rustic look, or would rather go for the Key West cool vibe, this coffee table will fit snugly into your chosen design scheme.

The slat styling of its bottom shelves sets an elegant stage onto which you can make a showcase of your baskets, your favorite accent pieces, or your books.

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table, Rustic Brown product is a warm piece of furniture that brings a dark brown finish to your living space.

The color is not fully defined expresso but rather, a definite brown, with shades of medium to dark as will be accented by the prevailing lighting in your living space.

The slats on the bottom shelf are not distracting or too bright. They are muted, warm, and nice looking with their earth tones. They do not splinter and nor are they rough but textured. These colored slats will not scream at you but rather bring a bit of character to the surrounding.

It holds up quite well, particularly in a room used often and with high traffic.

This piece of furniture weighs 48 pounds on your living space but its shipping weight is 50.6 pounds. Its dimensions measure 28.1 by 42 by 17.9 inches. It is imported with an assembled height rising 8.5 inches. Its assembled width is 31.5 inches while its assembled length is 45.5 inches.

Its official color descriptions is rustic brown and for support details, including warranty, you can reach your customer service agent.


  • ​This piece would look great at a lake house mostly because it does not have that polished or shiny look common with other pieces of furniture.
  • check
    It would work perfectly for your vacation home because it will not reveal layers of dust that a lacquered piece of furniture would.
  • check
    You will love the fact that it will not show mug or glass rings when someone forgets to use coasters.
  • check
    Although it comes in no less than four pieces, it takes about four hours to put together and with ease for someone who is handy at do-it-yourself challenges.
  • check
    The bottom shelf has such a smooth feel of wood to it that pet dogs have been known to love sleeping on it.


  • ​This product requires assembling, which may be a challenge for anyone not comfortable with DIY challenges.
  • close
    Unless you follow the instruction manual precisely, you are prone to making mistakes that may harm this furniture piece over time.
  • close
    The texture of the bottom planks may not be attractive to some customers. This arises from too many of the planks having similar patterns and appearing gaudy.

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table, Rustic Brown is made from real wood and has this rugged look to it.

It is quite sturdy and although it is not too heavy, it will comfortably support some considerable weight.

It will accent easily with the furniture in your living room if the furniture is made of olive greens and browns pieces. Compared to pictures you may have, the slats are a little bit more muted in real life. Pictures make them appear brighter.

8. Emerald Home t100-0 chandler cocktail table, wood

matching coffee and end tables

​​This table collection from Emerald Home’s Chandler includes a sofa table, an end table, and a cocktail table. The cocktail table and the end table have lower solid wood shelves under their tabletops for extra space.

Elements on the handy sofa table include two storage cabinets that have two center shelves, giving you additional space and custom pulls.

This collection will give your living space an industrial and rustic touch. It will do this through its reclaimed wood look surfaces and its custom metal accents.

This piece of furniture has a solid wood top and it is quite easy to assemble on delivery. All the pieces of hardware come in a little bag, which has excellent securing in tape. There are several holes on its underside, which could confuse you initially. However, the ones that really matter are those threaded and which line up perfectly with the leg holes.

Its bottom self will provide more space for storing various stuff. Its metal frame gives it a distressed finish in addition to its rustic brown façade.

Its legs have small pegs that you can screw tighter or looser. These will enable you make your table level when it is placed on an uneven surface.

The shipping weight for this Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood piece is 62 pounds while its floor weight is 58 pounds. It comes packed in Styrofoam and it will occupy 48 by 24 by 18 inches of your floor space because these are its dimensions.


  • ​This coffee table is made of real wood. It is sturdy, and solid
  • check
    The piece will not present cleaning challenges since the wood is finished.
  • check
    It is relatively easy to assemble on delivery. It takes an average person no more than twenty minutes to put it together alone.
  • check
    Its reclaimed wood fabrication material gives it uniqueness and a character of its own.


  • ​Its surface is not smooth and entirely flat. It has nail holes here and there and it is bumpy. Its reclaimed traits could create some odd masses, knots, or chunks that you might not care for if you are looking for that perfectly new and smooth surface.
  • close
    You might require fixing coasters on to it because it has a top that is not perfectly flat and because of its real wood character.
  • close
    Its instruction manual does not have clear steps on what you have to do to assemble and maintain your piece. This means the manual requires a much more thorough scrutiny than normal to understand.

​For someone who has moved into a new residence, you will love the Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood coffee table.

It will give your living room space a distinct farmhouse look. Its packaging is perfect and it is so easy to put together once it has been delivered to your doorstep.

​9. ​Signature design by Ashley t560-1 Hattney collection coffee table, gray

small coffee table on wheels

​​This piece of furniture has a distressed finish and rolls in with an industrial style. It comes in rivet details and its functionality is enhanced with lockable casters. It is made of metal and it has one fixed shelve to fit your stuff.

In addition, it is a solid piece of furniture that oozes a manly industrial vibe. This is without being overly over the top and it maintains that clean modern look.

To allow ease of movement around your living space, it comes in casters while its hand dressed finish is conveniently easy to assemble once it arrives at your premises from the vendors.

Facts and Uses

If you are the kind of person that loves an industrial look on your living space, this piece of furniture will bring visual wonder to your home. That is the promise of this rolling coffee table.

Its center of attraction, which lies in its distressed finish, exudes warmth and soft feeling as its rivet details present your living space with a cool edge.

Its lockable casters will allow you to conveniently hide some of your valuables, such as albums and laptop, away from pesky young children or pets.

Physical Features

The manufacturer lists this Signature Design by Ashley T560-1 Hattney Collection Coffee Table, as gray in color while past customers have been known to give it other color definitions. These range from black to shades of gray.

It is made of wood, in the USA, and weighs 62.1 pounds on your floor spacing while its packaged weight is 68 pounds.

Its assembled height is 3.87 inches; its assembled length is 52.5 inches, while its assembled width is 27 inches. Its dimensions, however, measure 48 by 24 by 17 inches. Your customer service agent will give the requisite details that regard customer support and manufacturer’s warranty.


  • ​This coffee table is quite easy to put together, and no assistance is required to do so. An average person will have this piece up within no time, and no assistance shall be necessary.
  • check
    Its gray coloring pairs nicely with a black sofa.
  • check
    This coffee table is quite sturdy and its casters roll around smoothly, even on a thick carpet.


  • ​This product is awkwardly sized and relatively heavy. This means it might not be easy to carry by yourself, although you can when you absolutely have to.
  • close
    Examine your online or physical windows shopping pictures of this product keenly because numerous and prospective customers have given different definitions of its overall physical color.
  • close
    Putting it together, on delivery, calls for considerable attention, arising from its relative heaviness.

The Signature Design by Ashley T560-1 Hattney Collection Coffee Table, Gray will bring a nice balance to your living space. Numerous pieces of furniture out there are merely veneers and made of fake wood. This coffee table, however, is a truly heavy gauge piece with a purpose.

 A lot of industrial types of furniture are over the top and often become less appealing, with change of tastes, or become outdated. This coffee table buckles this tread by maintaining its modern looks.

The Direct Roles and Uses Of A Coffee Table

If it is a footrest, then go for one durable enough to support your leg weight with no damage. Dirt, gravel, and oil from your shoes and feet would scratch a glass coffee table surface or a veneered top of a modern coffee table. 

An ottoman coffee table, as a footrest, works well too. Its components often consist of plushier material while its design favors comfort. It is also sturdy enough to hold mugs of coffee besides your feet. Pick a style that is not tufted and rather flat on top.

Constant moving around your space calls for a coffee table with thick and short legs or rollers to allow easy movement. Again, a coffee table with storage components, hidden or shelved, is heavy with stuff, making movement challenging. The rollers, the short and thick legs make moving such a coffee table much easier.

For the creative mind, a rustic coffee table, gorgeously handmade from real solid wood, stands out. You could accentuate one with some coffee table books too. Again, something made lovingly by hand is not the same as mass manufactured furniture. Alternatively, coffee table sets would be ideal settings upon which to mount your treasured artifacts and other accent pieces, turning your space into a resident gallery.

For most people, however, this kind of furniture simply holds cups of coffee, or cocktail drinks, snacks, and remote controls for various electronic gadgets. A round coffee table does this nicely and it allows easy movement around it.

Should you desire to discard your clutter out of sight, a lift top coffee table allows storage within its inner sanctum. Simply lift its hinged lid to retrieve or store away items. Other coffee tables have some shelves and drawers that offer convenient space to store stuff that you want seen or stuff you wish to remain invisible.

The Complementary Roles Of A Coffee Table

Interior home designers’ advice to homeowners is to purchase a coffee table after selecting the rest of the furniture pieces. Apparently, it is more challenging to find furniture that matches a coffee table than the reverse.

As an example, a baroque rustic coffee table would be out of place when paired with a couch set in clean, modern lines.

With the arrangement of your seating in mind, the shape of your chosen coffee table does matter. If you go for a round coffee table, an arrangement seating in a circle around it is apt. If you have a single couch that faces your television, then this calls for a rectangular or square coffee table to work perfectly.

If your home places a premium on space, pick a coffee table doubling as a storage unit. Let it have shelves in the bottom and a set of drawers. Into this storage space may go board games, books, and entertainment system accessories.

The best coffee table is one that has a design that suits the style of the living room and
accomplishes the functionality needed.

It must be made of steady and strong material to make it durable enough to carry out its role whether it is decorative, storage or even for working on.

There are many coffee tables for sale online as well as in various furniture shops. All types of
coffee tables are available from modern to contemporary coffee tables. Tables of all colors and sizes, as well as those made of different materials, are also sold in various outlets.

So let your needs be the base as you choose the best coffee table.

Best toaster ovens under $250

The toaster oven, being among the plethora of tools made available in the kitchen scene to make our cooking experience a little less daunting has become one of the most indispensable tools to have at your disposal.

And this is with good reason especially seeing as it has proven its worth by not only being versatile enough to accommodate all of our cooking escapades but also coming in various sizes to accommodate meals for a large enough number of guests as well as a sizeable meal for a small number of people.

In this product review, we are going to demystify all there is to know about toaster ovens including the various types of the best toaster ovens under $250 , available in the market and some of the popular brands that will be worth your while in terms of overall performance.

Best ​toaster ovens under $250 reviews

1. ​Breville BOV800XL Smart Toaster Oven

Best toaster ovens under $250

​The Breville toaster oven is an auspicious smart oven that exudes stylishness and attractiveness in both its design and packaging.

Just but at a glance, you can tell that the Breville team put a lot of thought into making you feel that you have in your possession something that’s not only luxurious but also one that is top of the line in the market.

Among its strong points include the fact that it’s both energy efficient and versatile. It might just be the single aspect that has been missing in your kitchen area.

Breville toaster oven Features
Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, 1800 W, Stainless Steel

It occupies about 18.5 by 16.2 by 11.2 inches of space on your counter space.

It consumes 1800 watts of power.

It has 9 preset functions.

It has an auto eject wire rack that helps prevent burns.

It has about 5 quart heating elements.

It has a 4/5 cubic foot nonstick interior.

It incorporates an element IQ technology into the design.

It has an easy to read back light that changes from blue to orange when one is cooking.


  • ​It features an element IQ that provides smarter control over the heat and puts the power in the 5 heating elements where it’s most needed.
  • ​It has 9 preset functions that the user can adjust to their personal preference hence giving you the flexibility you need to control your presets.
  • ​It has an easy to read and use LCD screen that not only shows the user the cooking settings but also counts down the time in minutes.
  • check
    ​The glass door has indicators printed on the front so as to tell you which of the 3 rack settings to use.
  • check
    The door seals perfectly so as to reduce any energy wastage and the unneeded heating of your home.
  • check
    It has rubber non-slip feet that keep it elevated so as not to damage the countertop just in case it's susceptible to heat damage.


  • ​It does not have an interior light hence making it quite hard to see the food as it cooks.
  • close
    The electric cord is only 3 feet long which can be restricting.
  • close

Overall, the Breville toaster oven is a well-built oven that will not only give you high-quality design but also impeccably integrated features that will further contribute to making your cooking escapades a little more interesting.

2. ​Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens 2018

​​If you have had the pleasure of using any Cuisinart appliance, then you know full well that Cuisinart know how to turn it up in as far as coming up with a high-end type of appliance is concerned.

And although this model has a slightly different design to other units that most of us are probably accustomed to, its functioning and performance are definitely no different from the other units.


It has 6 preset functions.

It has electronic touchpad controls that help eliminate guesswork.

It comes with a shade control that features a heat sensor meant to maintain a certain oven temperature.

It occupies 18.5 by 16.93 by 10.04 inches of space on the countertop.

It features a polarized 2 prong plug.


  • ​It provides the user with four versatile cooking options to choose from.
  • check


  • ​It doesn’t have an interior light to help see the interior of the unit.

Despite not having an interior light and a front crumb tray, the Cuisinart TOB-195 is still a pretty fantastic toaster oven.

It will do just fine and will come pretty handy in your kitchen.

3. ​Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens under $100

​​Characterized by its perfectly compact design and small footprint on the counter top, the Panasonic toaster oven comes nothing short of an iconic and auspicious toaster oven that will be a handy addition in just about any kind of kitchen space.

With its super-fast cooking ability and its unique infrared heating system, you will no doubt have a blast having this appliance at your disposal.


It has it’s preset functions that help broaden the spectrum of what you can cook.

It has a petite design to fit any counter space.

It can fit up to 9 inches of pizza and 4 slices of bread.


  • ​It cooks meals 40% faster than other toaster ovens.
  • ​The oven’s rack is hinged to the door to facilitate its automatic slide out when the door is opened.
  • ​It has a user-friendly interface that just about anyone can figure out with ease.


  • ​The bottom of the unit cooks food much faster that the top hence necessitating the user to keep on turning the food so that it cooks evenly.
  • close
    The timer only goes up to 25 minutes which can be restricting especially if your meal requires more than the standard 25 minutes.

If you are looking for something that leaves a small footprint on your countertop yet cooks fairly swift, then the Panasonic NB-G110P is the best toaster oven for the job.

4. ​Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6 Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens under $100 2018

​​Characterized by their remarkable durability and versatility, the Oster appliances come nothing short of being top of the line appliances in the market. And this is even more apparent when it comes to their toaster ovens.

Having been constructed with such finesse and precision so as to meet the needs of their users this large toaster oven will definitely be a great addition to your kitchen.


It features a removable crumb tray.

It has an interior lighting that facilitates easy viewing.

It has convection technology for faster cooking.

It comes with remarkably incredible digital controls.

It takes up 19.76 by 15.37 by 11.38 inches of space on the countertop.


  • ​It features user-friendly controls that are easy and uncomplicated.
  • ​It is has a vast array of cooking functions hence giving you the luxury of choosing the food you fancy.
  • ​It has an interior light that helps you see exactly how your food is coming along without having to constantly open the door.
  • check
    It features a crumb tray that helps you clean the oven with ease.


  • ​Unlike other convection toaster ovens, the Oster oven doesn’t beep to alert you that the oven is at temperature.
  • close
    The clock tends to constantly speed up on its own.

The Oster toaster oven will no doubt be a valuable and convenient addition to your kitchen.

What’s more, you will have a blast making meals therein especially because it has a large enough interior to accommodate lots and lots of food at a go.

5. ​Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation 2 Slice Toaster and Countertop Oven

best toaster ovens under $50

​​Hamilton Beach has a number of strong contenders for the 2 slices compact toaster oven segment with one of the best being the Hamilton Beach Toastation toaster oven.

With the incorporation of functions of both a conventional type of toaster oven and a traditional oven, this petite appliance despite relatively small still manages to get the job done and done right for that matter.

Why not unclutter your counter with this ultimate 2-in-1 appliance that makes your mornings a little less hectic.

Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Countertop Oven, Black (22708) Features
Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Countertop Oven, Black (22708)

It has an extra wide top slot.

It has a mode selector that lets you switch between the oven and the toaster with ease.

It has a firm bread lifter that helps hold the bread firmly throughout the process.

It features a removable crumb tray that easily removed from the front.

It features an electronic toast shade that not only lets you select but also change toast shade each time.

It has temperature controls that help ensure consistency of results.

It has a large interior that fits two 16 inch pizza slices.

It occupies 16 by 8 by 9 inches of space on the counter.


  • ​Apart from having a slide out crumb tray that’s fairly easy to clean, it also has an oven rack and baking pan that are dishwasher safe hence further easing clean up.
  • ​It has a large enough interior to fit two 16 inch pizza slices just fine.
  • check
    It features an on and off button that allows you to cancel the toasting mid cycle hence making it a tad easier to get the preferred darkness for your toast.


  • ​The oven operates without so much as a timer.

Being a household name in the kitchen scene Hamilton definitely does a remarkably amazing job designing home appliances and more so toaster ovens.

With its remarkably petite design and its versatile cooking options to choose from, you will no doubt find this toaster oven to be pretty handy in your kitchen.

6. ​Kitchen Aid KCO223CU 12-Inch Convection Countertop Oven

best small toaster ovens

​​Kitchen Aid appliances have over time became widely known for not only being superior in terms of their overall performance but also because of their stylishly sleek design.

Whether you plan to use this appliance at a residential level or at a more commercial level, you will find it to be pretty helpful especially because it offers you the versatility required to help get the work done swiftly and conveniently.


It has a grounded 3 prong plug.

It heats up to temperatures of up to 450 degrees.

It features 2 stainless steel racks.

It comes with a 60-minute timer.

It has a nonstick interior to prevent food from sticking 5-quart the surface.

It occupies a space of 20.1 by 16.2 by 11.3 inches on the countertop.

It has a large interior that fits a 12-inch pizza comfortably.


  • ​The convection heating in this unit is the most consistent among all other ovens.
  • check
    The shelves are well built to prevent them from tipping over when extended out.


  • ​It has a ticking sound that may be bothersome to some people.

There is absolutely nothing not to love about this handy toaster oven.

Between having a stylishly sleek appearance and having versatile cooking functions, there’s no doubt at all that this toaster oven holds up pretty well.

​7. ​Delonghi DO400 Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens under 100

​​Despite having a rather compact design, the Delonghi toaster oven has proved its worth by having four cooking functions to enjoy.

Whether you want to start off your morning with English muffins or bagels, you will have just the right snug fitting to cook with ease. What’s more, it can fit just about any counter space comfortably.


It consumes 1400 watts of power which is fairly reasonable.

It occupies 11.2 by 16 by 8 inches of space on the countertop.

It accommodates up to four slices of bread.

It has 4 cooking functions.

It features an automatic shut off that allows you to choose your preferred settings ranging from light to dark.

It has a drop down crumb tray that disposes of crumbs.


  • ​It has digital controls that allow the user precision in cooking and much more control over how the food cooks.
  • check
    There’s a countdown timer that clearly visible when one is cooking food.
  • check
    It features a temperature button which when pressed allows the user to check the temperature at any time.


  • ​It has a very loud alert system.
  • close
    The crumb tray is only accessible from the bottom hence necessitating the user to physically lift the toaster so as to access it.
  • close
    The glass door is tinted so it’s pretty difficult to see the food as it cooks.

From baking, toasting, broiling and warming food there isn’t a doubt in the world that this toaster oven will allure to your every sense.

​8. ​Black Decker TO1303SB 4 Slice Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens under $50

​​The Black Decker toaster oven, being among the most reputable toaster ovens in the market exudes the power, versatility, and alluring design that users seek when considering the kind of toaster oven to go for.

This straightforward and easy to use 3 knob toaster oven blends just fine with just about any type of kitchen space because of its uniquely attractive design and features.


It takes up 10 by 15.5 by 8.4 inches of space your countertop.

It features four functions including baking, broiling, toasting, and warming.

It has a 30-minute timer.

It features a removable crumb tray that is tasked with keeping the toaster oven clean.

It consumes 1200 watts of power.

It accommodates up to 9 inches of pizza and 4 slices of bread.


  • ​It comes with a grounded 3 prong plug and a short electrical cord that helps enhance the safety of the user.
  • check
    It has four cooking functions that perform their functions rather impeccably.


  • ​The toaster tends to get a little too hot at the top and hence damages anything that is placed on top of it.
  • close
    The rack doesn’t slide out automatically when you open the door.

Though not the cream de la cream toaster oven in the market, the Black Decker toaster oven gets the job done all the same and satisfies the user’s expectations as should.

We can definitely vouch for it in as far as performance and functionality are concerned.

​9. ​Faberware 4 Slice Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens under $50 2018

​​The versatile Faberware 4 slice toaster oven lets you toast, bake and broil just about any type of food that you fancy.

Apart from being pretty good in terms of overall [performance, it also happens to be stylishly sleek to capture the eye.


It features a 30-minute stay on timer with a bell ring.

It takes up 7 by 14 by 5 inches of space on the countertop.

 It has 3 cooking functions


  • ​It has a large enough interior to accommodate a 9-inch pizza.


  • ​The bottom of the toast tends to get burned if you wait for the top to brown.

Though not as strong as a brand like all the other brands, Faberware has gained a name for itself for being a reliable and efficient toaster oven over time.

And while agreeably it does have some things that are still amiss, it does the job pretty okay.

Types of Toaster Ovens

Before ultimately deciding on a certain type of toaster oven, you need to be absolutely sure that it will suit your needs to the fullest. Below is an overview of the available types of toaster ovens that will help you make a more informed decision.

1. Standard Toaster Oven

The standard toaster models have the capability of toasting about 2 to 4 slices of bread with the larger units handling even up to 6 slices of bread.

They have among many things variable darkness settings, an automatic ejection tray that opens the oven when the toast is done, a thermostat control that controls its temperature and digital controls that allow the user to choose different cooking functions depending on their preference.

2. Convection Toaster Oven

The convection toaster oven model makes use of a fan to blow heated air over the food. This technique comes in very handy in a number of aspects including the fact that it prevents oven hot spots which cause food to cook unevenly as well as cooks the food much faster. They are basically used to warm up, brown or toast a variety of different meals.

3. Infrared Toaster Oven

The infrared models function a little differently than other models in that they heat the food directly rather than heating the air around the food. Consequently, food cooks about 50 % percent faster than when one is cooking using the other models.

4. Rotisserie Toaster Oven

Highly hailed for its flavorful results, the rotisserie model happens to be a high-end model that prides itself in being overly resourceful owing to its many special features and remarkably amazing design. If you wish to cook meat, the rotisserie toaster ovens top specialty is just that.

5. Combination Toaster Oven

Simply put this is a standard model with a pop-up toaster at the top. It typically holds between 4 to 6 slices of bread comfortably and performs basically all other functions performed by a normal oven.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Toaster Oven

For you to choose an apt toaster oven that will serve your needs to your fulfillment there are certain factors you need to put into consideration. Here are a few tips that will help you purchase one that will definitely be worth your while.

1. Type of toaster oven

When purchasing a toaster oven you need to be very clear about the type of toaster oven you wish to purchase. This is because the type often determines to a large extent whether your vast array of cooking escapades will be limited or extended further. For instance, whereas the rotisserie happens to be remarkably good for purposes of cooking meat the convection model tends to excel more in cooking something a little bit different.

2. The size of the toaster oven

When deciding upon which size to buy there are two aspects to consider.

What you will be cooking therein.

The amount of space available on your counter.

Depending on the amount of space that’s available on your counter and the number of people you anticipate to be cooking for you can either decide to go for a toaster oven that’s much smaller or one that magnanimously huge.

3. The price of the toaster oven

In purchasing any sort of appliance, the amount of money you have to part with often impacts the purchase decision that you ultimately make. In light of this, it is important for you to have a clear cut budget with different price ranges in mind before you go out in search of a suitable toaster oven.

4. The types of accessories that come with the toaster oven

Just like a traditional oven, the toaster oven also comes with special racks, pans, and trays to facilitate a better experience when cooking. If one accessory is absent, there is a chance that your cooking escapades might be compromised in one way or another. It is there very important to check the kinds of accessories that come with the toaster oven that you want to buy and do your due diligence to determine whether they will suffice for the kind of cooking you plan to do.

5. The toaster ovens overall aesthetic appearance

The choice of appliance that we decide to add to our kitchen counters makes a great deal of difference in as far as the interior aesthetic appearance is concerned. It is for that reasons that most people go for more sophisticated looks and designs that have a stylishly sleek appeal. Something that’s, in essence, a work f art in itself so as to avoid glooming up the room even more.

Benefits of a Toaster Oven

It provides a large enough cooking surface to facilitate cooking of large batches of food simultaneously.

It pre heats much faster than other modes of cooking.

It uses minimal energy to get your food cooked.

It takes the hustle of having to bend down to check on food off your shoulders.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

Its heat is evenly distributed to allow food to cook evenly.

It saves the user the trouble of having to wash a myriad of pans since it provides a big enough space to cook all the meals you want simultaneously.

Determining the best toaster oven, just as with other appliances requires you to have done extensive due diligence before swimming into the deep sea blindly.

Thinking of purchasing a waffle maker? then this waffle maker buyer guide will come in hardy

And much as this may seem like an easy task, it may sometimes take you a considerable amount of time to come up with something worth every single penny.

Nonetheless, we hope that these ​best toaster ovens under $250 reviews will in the very least help you steer clear of the poor products in the market and towards world class products that will be helpful to you.

5 Best small food processor reviews 2018: For baby food

An efficient and versatile, best small  food processor , will soon become an indispensable part of your kitchen facade once you begin to appreciate the functions it brings to your kitchen top.

The busy lifestyle you are most probably living today gives you so little time to prepare your food using traditional methods. Some time back, people had much more time to spend around food preparation. Not anymore, but fortunately, technology has come to the rescue, in the form of the food processor.

Of course, you can easily do most of the food preparation procedures food processors undertake. The important part however, is the length of time the process takes. This kitchen appliance is designed to conveniently and easily take over the more labor-intensive activities of food preparation.

Before undertaking that shopping venture for your preferred kitchen counter-top food-processing appliance, take time to consider the issues reviewed here. This way, you will make a more enlightened decision and save yourself loads of trouble in your food preparation in the future, once you select one that meets your needs.

​Best small  food processor reviews 2018

1. ​The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, Brushed Chrome- best food processor for baby food

best food processor for baby food

​This kitchen food-processing machine is the perfect little assistant when you need to undertake small food preparation. This is from chopping breadcrumbs or herbs, to grinding your cheese finely.

Its resourcefulness comes from its unique auto reversing smart blade that makes it much easier to prepare both hard and soft food items. It has been designed in Italy and its Mini Prep Plus sleek touch pad gives you easy and precise controls, an elegant look, and easy cleaning afterwards.

Irrespective of its space saving size, it possesses more power than other choppers in its range. This means you have an instrument to prepare small quantities of your food items efficiently and faster than ever before.

Facts and Utilities

This small 250-watt kitchen top workhorse becomes quite handy where a full-sized food processor is not a necessity. Its three cup working bowl is apt for making a salad dressing or pesto. Its two receptacles on the lid have pinholes through which a stream or two of oil goes into the bowl as you blend that perfect emulsion on the processor.

You will have an ideal machine for grinding and chopping with this machine on your countertop. Simply press the chop button to deploy the sharp edge of its reversible blade, patented by Cuisinart, to chop breadcrumbs, herbs, and onions.

Press the grind button to whirl the blade in the opposite direction so that its blunt side can grind cheese, coffee beans, or nuts. With its compact nine-inch high and lightweight plastic body, you can tuck away the Mini Prep Plus model in your cabinet while its little spatula that accompanies it will go into your drawer.

The lid and work bowl, made of plastic, are safe in your dishwasher. However, you will need to hand wash the stainless steel blade to protect its edges.

The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor Features

The product measures 5 by 7 by 9.2 inches in dimension, and weighs 2.9 pounds on your kitchen counter top. It has a three-cup working bowl capacity, originates in China, and is manufactured by Cuisinart.

It has a reversible blade, push button controls that give you grind or chop options and is powered by a 250 watt motor.

For adding food ingredients as you operate it, there are two lid receptacles. Its housing is made of plastic, dishwasher safe components and there is a spatula included. Its default color is silver.


  • ​The small size of this food processor is not a disadvantage after all but is rather a major benefit. It fits easily onto your kitchen countertop or you can stow it away in your cupboard when you are not using it.
  • ​Incidentally, with its sleek design and brushed chrome, you will not need to put it away because it rhymes easily with any kitchen interior design.
  • ​It is made mainly of plastic giving it a durable lightweight and making it easy to clean, store, and move.
  • check
    ​It has a simple, easy to read and operate interface that has only two buttons. Grind and chop. This interface and its base wipes off easily for that quick after use cleaning up.


  • ​Its small size implies that you have to undertake some food preparation before you can process it.
  • close
    Food has a tendency to stick onto the working bowl sides if one ignores elements of the instruction manual. When this happens, you will have to stop the appliance and scrape off foodstuff using an included spatula.
  • close
    It has an inherent inability, when it comes to processing relatively harder and heavier foodstuff.

Should you have a small family to feed, or you are a couple, or you are alone in your home, or you simply need to prepare small batches of food regularly, the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, Brushed Chrome should be among the top items on your kitchen appliance shopping list.

2. ​The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White- best mini food processor

best mini food processor

​​With this product, the Cuisinart Food Processor manufacturer proudly announces to the world that their signature is innovative culinary tool creation. As regards style, quality, and performance, Cuisinart continues to set the prevailing standards with superior food processors.

They promise that this product will bring excellent functionalism and elegance to your kitchen. This product will allow you to savor the good life when it comes to preparing your food dishes.

Facts and Utilities

You have to hand it to Cuisinart, the entity that started it all, to take your kitchen counter top food processor technology to even greater heights. With The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White, operating from your kitchen counter top, you have a huge feed tube and a unique compact chopping cover augments this. An industrial quality motor powers them all.

The result is a powerhouse of a kitchen counter top appliance that is fabricated for long years of top performance and convenience.

It will give you eleven cups of a work bowl capacity assisted by an extra-large feeding tube. These will enable you slice entire vegetable items, and whole fruits. In addition, it has enough power reserves to kneed you preferred bread with simplicity and ease.

Its compact cover has easy to clean features that also allow excellent bottom of the bowl clean up procedures. Simple operations are activated using pulse, on, and off paddles. Its stainless steel blade, coupled with shredding or slicing discs, will give you a speedy and efficient food preparation operation.

It will remove pre-cutting procedures that normal food preparation demands through its big feeding tube. In addition, a small feed tube insertion will hold smaller food items, such as carrots or cucumbers, securely in place for efficiently done slices.

Powered by a 625-watt motor, every one of these food preparation tasks will take place with consistency, speed, and ease.

The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor Features

The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White, has its housing material made of ABS plastic and measures 7 by 11.25 by 14.5 inches in dimensions. It is manufactured by Cuisinart and originates in China. It will weigh 16.2 pounds on your kitchen counter top.

It comes with three stainless steel thin-slicing, shredding, slicing discs. Other components include a spatula, a chopping and dough blade, an extra-large feeding tube that caters for bigger food items, and an eleven cup sized work bowl.

You can pick a color scheme you desire from almond, black, or white and depending on the prevailing conditions, as your customer service provider will exemplify, the motor warranty lasts for five years, while the entire unit enjoys a three year limited warranty.


  • ​This machine promises solidness and excellent food preparation. It has a heavy base and its rubber feet keep it firmly rooted in place on your kitchen countertop as it processes your food items.
  • check
    It has sharp disc blades that make quick work out of mixing, shredding, and slicing, with a motor right up to this challenge.
  • check
    This machine is designed for a home kitchen but reports exist of owners using it professionally, which proves its durability and effectiveness. Do note however that its warranty covers home use only.


  • ​You might have an initial problem to put on its large tube lid. This is because it goes on with the tube from the back of the processor. For you to operate the controls, you have to reach over the bowl to use the chuting, compared to other machines whose controls and chuting are placed in front of the processor.
  • close
    Its lid requires a pusher sleeve, a difficult contraption to clean, and which is made from flimsy plastic, which must also connect with a slot for the motor to engage.

The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White, is referred to by numerous recipes that employ food processors, since the 1980s. That is enough testimony to the greatness it will bring onto your kitchen top counter.

3. ​KitchenAid KFP0922WH 9-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System

best food processor for shredding cabbage

​​This kitchen counter top appliance comes with a unique externally adjustable slicing system. The KitchenAid Exact Slice system allows you to precisely slice numerous food items, be they hard or soft, big, or small. It will all do these using relatively small amounts of energy.

It will easily accommodate potatoes, cucumbers, and tomatoes with little or no preparation processes required.

It incorporates an ultra-tight sealing feature designed specially as a locking ring system that is also leak resistant. This will allow you to fill up your work bowl to full capacity with food ingredients without having to worry about a counter top mess.

With its high, low, and pulse speed setting options, you can handle, with preciseness, soft or hard food items with a simple touch of a button.

Facts and Utilities

This appliance has a three in one ultra-wide mouth feed tubes, which will accommodate any number of different food sizes you throw at it.

Its slicing system enables soft to hard food slicing through optimized speeds and with varying thickness or thinness.

It is has a nine cup capacity which is ideal for most home cooking requirements. The requirements covered include easy chopping, shredding, slicing, and mixing. This appliance comes with multiple tools to enable the accomplishment of such requirements.

Kitchen top appliances of this kind tend to make a piercingly loud noise while they process food items, such as nuts or other hard stuff. With this particular model however, the uncomfortable screeching becomes a forgone memory. It will not be one hundred percent quiet but a screech is something you will not have to worry about again.

KitchenAid KFP0922WH 9-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System Features

The KitchenAid KFP0922WH 9-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System – White is manufactured by KitchenAid, originates in China, measures 10 by 10 by 14.4 inches, and weighs 8 pounds on your kitchen counter top. It is made of polycarbonate plastic.

This machine has a nine-cup capacity and comes with an external slicing adjustment lever. In addition, it consists of an ultra-tight seal, a three in one wide mouth feeding tube, and has pulse, low, and high settings.

You will get a mini blade and a mini bowl, a commercial style dicing kit and depending on your customer service provider, you will get a one-year replacement and hassle free warranty.


  • ​This model is available in a wide range of colors, which can be anything from the standard black to red, green, and blue. This means you can pick one that fits into your interior kitchen design.
  • ​You will get an accessory casing to keep every component and accessory in neat order.
  • ​This machine is designed for heavy duty and when applied as it should, it will not squeal or scream compared to other models, a trait to appreciate should you be entertaining guests as you cook.


  • ​Due to the big capacity bowl, some food items, such as nuts, have a tendency to merely bounce around the bowl rather than get actually processed. This is likely to happen if you fail to use the right component for your chosen processing type.
  • close
    Depending on the manner in which you feed your food item, this model is relatively louder. As such, read the manual carefully to understand how to process each type of food item. Alternatively, do not prepare your food when someone else is trying to sleep.

With all the accessories provided, a little practice, and a powerful motor, the KitchenAid KFP0922WH 9-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System – White would be a wonderful addition to your kitchen counter top.

It will add a dash of stylish color to your kitchen facade. Furthermore, you can rarely go wrong with the backing, and know how the KitchenAid Food Processor manufacturer has given this appliance.

4. ​The Nutri Ninja Mega 1500 Watts Kitchen System, Blending and Food Processing,

best blender food processor combo

​​With the numerous food preparation activities, you will be able to accomplish with this kitchen counter top appliance, you can safely liken it to a kitchenware Swiss army knife. With this appliance, you have a juicer, a blender, and a food processor.

Getting this best blender food processor combo for your kitchen gives you great cost saving.

Facts and Utilities

If you sport a modern kitchen, this appliance has gray and black design that looks rather high tech. it is also subtle and sedate enough not to look out of place if your kitchen sports a retro interior design.

This appliance will occupy a relatively small space on your counter top due to its small dimensional measurements and weight. It is not bulky and in any case, think of the savings in space with this single appliance compared to purchasing four appliances whose functions this single appliance can undertake.

It gives you a choice of three speeds apart from its pulse setting. This means that apart from pulverizing almost any food item you place in the blender, you have great options when you desire a thick drink.

Nutri Ninja Mega 1500 Watts Kitchen System, Blending and Food Processing Features

This item has dimensions measuring 17.5 by 17 by 11.7 inches on your kitchen counter top. It weighs 21.6 pounds, and is manufactured by Shark Ninja. In the box delivered to your kitchen will be a 1500-watt motor base, a blender pitcher lid, a 72 oz. blender pitcher, and a stacked blade.

Other parts in the container will be a 64 oz. food processor bowl, a food processor lid, a dough blade, a chopping blade, 2 units of Nutri Ninja 24 oz. To Go cups, 25-recipe book guide for inspiration, a Nutri Ninja Pro extractor blade, and Nutri Ninja seal and sip lids.


  • ​This machine is a powerful 1500-watt blender with smart setting features and a range of attachments and blades that will give you a delicious and nutritious meal, and an excellent food processing and blending experience.
  • ​Its unique Nutri-Ninja Auto iQ set of programs will give you timed pausing, blending, and pulsing patterns and therefore perfectly blended consistency each time.
  • ​A timer further allows you to monitor processing progress and let you keep track of your blending period when you opt for manual speeds.
  • check
    You will be able to extract vitamins and nutrients from foodstuff with its unique Pro-Extractor Nutri-Ninja blades and a powerful motor base. This is through breaking down stems, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables to extract those nutritional contents an ordinary blender would not touch.


  • ​The Nutri Ninja Mega 1500 Watts Kitchen System, Blending and Food Processing, 1 Base 2 Functions Auto-iQ Technology comes with so many differing options that it could be intimidating when you are unfamiliar with it.
  • close
    This means you need to study the instruction manual intimately or download videos from the Ninja Food Processor manufacturer website and use them to come to an understanding of how to work with this machine.
  • close
    Its plastic containers make this appliance prone to loudness.
  • close
    The shoot on the food processor is relatively small and your store bought cucumbers may not fit.

This is a great appliance for general kitchen usage. The Nutri Ninja Mega 1500 Watts Kitchen System, Blending and Food Processing, 1 Base 2 Functions Auto-iQ Technology is a highly recommended machine since it undertakes tasks that would require three other machines to accomplish.

Should you live an active and busy lifestyle and hope to prepare meals and drinks that will keep you going strong and healthy, then the Ninja food processor is an excellent choice.

5. ​The Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor Big Mouth (70570)

best small food processor under 100

​​This is an easy to use product that will enable you reduce food preparation time. This Hamilton Beach Food processor relies on a robust motor to chop, puree, mix, shred, and slice a wide variety of food you put into its bowl.

It incorporates patented smart ideas, particularly with its extra-large feed tubes, to allow whole fruit and vegetable slicing. Its components are dishwasher compliant and it comes with its unique In-Bowl feature both traits of which make this kitchen counter top appliance easy to clean and store.

This product comes from Hamilton Beach Food Processors, an entity that specializes in creating ultimate kitchen appliances that cater for meals for two or prepping for that large family meal.

Facts and Utilities

This kitchen top appliance fits whole food items. This is great for slicing whole potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and many more. Its stainless steel blades come with a reversible chopping blade and a shredding or slicing disc.

Its powerful 500-watt motor enables three speed pulse options and high performance bowl processing output, while its blades, lid, and bowl are dishwasher safe.

This machine gives you the capacity to process big batches of food items. However, it will just as easily allow you to chop a few nuts.


The Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor Big Mouth (70570) measures 10.9 by 11 by 17.4 inches in dimension. Its weight on your kitchen top counter is 9 pounds. It is manufactured by Hamilton Beach.

It has a lid that flips over to allow compact storage while creating savings on cabinet space. In addition, it has a big feed tube that will let you fit in one whole block of cheese. For warranty information and after purchase support for this kitchen counter top appliance, contact your customer service provider.


  • ​The Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor Big Mouth (70570) will enable you chop your mix sauces, grate cheese, onions, prepare pesto, grate cheese, and have your salad sliced within seconds.
  • ​You will not have to break your bank to bring this appliance onto your kitchen counter top.
  • check
    It has stainless steel blades for chopping, shredding, and slicing, powered by a powerful motor allowing easy dense food handling. This gives you as much capabilities as you would get from a much more food processor


  • ​The bowl may create a challenge because it’s inside tube goes halfway up the bowl. Once you lift it off the appliance, it could pour out its bottom.
  • close
    Failure to comply strictly with provided information in the instruction manual will lead to mishaps. Reports of reversible shredding and slicing breaking at the center arise from poor adherence to such instructions.
  • close
    Remember to keep any receipts, and documents, and register this appliance. Failure will create problems with warranty and sourcing replacement parts, should the need arise.

With The Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor Big Mouth (70570) on your kitchen counter top, you have at your disposal an ultimate kitchen appliance. This is irrespective of how big the family you are cooking for, or what size is the meal you are preparing.

Also read our electric skillet buyer guide.

Factors to consider while purchasing a food processor

One: What Are Your Intended Functions?

Figure out, in advance, what you intend your food processor to do for you. This way, you will be able to narrow down the options available. The various functions you want to undertake using this appliance require an assortment of accessories, depending on each process.

An average appliance of this kind should have various attachments, disks, and blades. Ensure your choice has these basic components or you can purchase them separately, at least. This way, you remain assured your choice of appliance does perform your favorite procedures.

Two: What Is The Bowl Capacity?

This home kitchen appliance comes in various sizes. Size rises from the tiny three cup chopper to the twenty-cup monster that is right at home in a restaurant kitchen. An appropriate food processor for your kitchen top will mostly depend on how big your family is. If you have to feed four people, a ten-cup size will meet your needs adequately.

On the other hand, should you have frequent guests for dinner, have a large family, or regularly prepare bigger meals for storage, opt for a bigger bowl capacity. In this scenario, a fourteen-cup bowl capacity for your food processor should be sufficient.

Higher capacities than these are only economically feasible for commercial entity food preparation.

Three: How Good Are The Blades?

Let the food processing kitchen appliance you go for have several differing types of blades. With this variety, you will undertake numerous functions much more easily as you prepare your meals. These functions include pureeing, grinding, chopping, and so on.

In addition, identify the kind and quality of material these blades are made of. Go for those blades made from stainless steel because these will give you higher performance and longer lasting durability.

Four: How Often Will You Require Juicing?

In the market, there are juice extractors or juicer kitchen appliances whose main function is juicing. Should you undertake regular juicing as an essential part of your home based food preparation, buying a juicer is recommended.

However, if you plan to relegate juice preparation to an occasional treat for your family, the right option would be to pick a food processor that has juicing capabilities.

Five: Are Its Parts Dishwasher Safe?

Great food processors do not have parts with difficult to access cavities or have sharp edges where food could get stacked. Such parts make it difficult for dishwashers to reach. This would call for inconvenient additional manual brushing and scrubbing.

In this regard also, make sure the components of the food processor you pick are compatible and safe with your dishwashing machine. Most of the modern food processing models are dishwasher safe. However, make sure to double check though. This way, you will not have to clean your appliance after preparing every meal.

Six: Does The Load Fit The Body, Accessories, And Attachments?

How stable this appliance shall be on your kitchen top counter is a critical factor to consider before you purchase a food processor. The heavier the load you apply upon your appliance, the stronger the vibrations it will emit, and the more it will dance or move around on your counter top.

In this regard, go for an appliance that has a relatively wider base and a solidly built body. A wide base will give you enhanced stability, support, and prevent dancing or movement.

Another issue arising from loading is that you need an appliance that shall work continuously for a prolonged period without developing overheating issues. This shall depend, again, on the kind of load you put upon it.

Many food processors come with a range of accessories. The intention is to give you maximum utility from your machine. This assortment includes blades and work bowls with different sizes, disks to grate and slice into varying thickness degrees, and attachments that will turn your processor into a bread dough kneader or citrus juicer.

Before you pay for a machine with all these bells and whistles, it would be wise to consider if you shall actually ever need to use them.

Seven: What Shall Be The Power Wattage Consumption?

The more basic food preparation procedures do not use too much power. Some functions, such as mixing and kneading stiff dough, shredding some hard cheese, and chopping raw carrots, shall require more force and therefore more power.

You will need to choose your preferred food processor carefully depending how you will use it and how much power it will need for this. An appliance with more than 700 watts should be enough to undertake even some tough food preparation assignments.

With the wrong choice, where power issues feature, you run a risk of the appliance failing to chop or combine uniformly or your motor burning out.

Eight: What Type Of Controls Do You Need?

Most food processors simply have three operational modes. These are pulse, on, and off. During typical food preparation procedures, these three modes are more than sufficient. There are certain functions, however, that call for additional modes such different speeds.

Before you commit yourself to a certain model, do ensure its controls will support your intended food preparation functions. Pick a machine with a pulse button that will give you small power busts. These are great when you need fast dough kneading and rough chopping.

In addition, you will come to appreciate a control system whose pad is smooth touch. These are much easier to clean up than raised buttons.

Nine: How Are The Feeding Tube And Lid?

Most food processing machines come with a small tube opening on top. This allows you to add ingredients easily. They also come with a pusher that goes into this tube, to allow you feed bigger food items, keep your fingers safe, and act as the food processor lid.

A narrow feed tube in a food processor implies you will require to cut up you food item prior to feeding it into your appliance. This essentially increases the amount of manual work you will need to undertake before you can prepare your dish.

As such, the ideal food processor for your kitchen counter top will be one with a wide feeding tube. A narrower pusher inside the appliance can be an additional option. This shall make feeding smaller food items, such as carrots, much easier.

A loose fitting lid will lead to inconvenient spilling out and splutter of food item chips or juices onto your clean kitchen counter. This will give you additional cleaning issues to contend with. As such, go for a food processor whose lid fits tightly shut.

Ten: How Is The Price, Warranty, And Customer Service?

You will most probably buy a food processor once in quite a while. In this regard, you would be better off picking a high quality product that will serve you better while providing a long lasting service. Such a product comes with a premium price tag, however.

Before venturing out, have in mind a budget and price range you can comfortably work with. With this in mind, go for a product that shall give you the best value to price ratio.

All home appliances come with a standard one-year warranty. Some brand manufacturers do, however, place great value on their products and therefore offer extended warranties. Usually, such warranties target motors for these appliances.

Among the best food processor brands, longer warranties on other parts are extended as well. Finding such a branded food processor ensures it will not stop functioning a week after the first year of ownership. This will cost you more but over the long run, it will give you great cost savings.

Criterion For Identifying The Best Food Processor

Once you have come to an understanding of the kind of issues that mostly affect your food processor choice, next will come identifying the models that generally conform to your preferences. A simple browsing session online or a window shopping expedition at your nearest mall would reveal the wide selection of appliances that generally fits into most of your preferences.

To narrow down this avalanche of choices calls for one more layer of criteria. With this criterion the daunting avalanche of choices narrows down to five models, with the criteria vetting out most of the other models.

The first item in this criteria looks at the overall features a manufacturer will give you relative to how much you will require to dole out for your preferred food processor.

Second comes a review and survey of previous and current customer ratings covering various platforms. This way, you get to determine which model gives the best customer experience.

The third criteria item to look at covers the kind of problems current and former consumers have reported so far. This level of reporting compares with how severe such challenges are with the frequency of such challenges. The point here is to pinpoint a challenge and its frequency. If only one current owner reports a challenge, then it is not so commonplace to avoid purchase of the model. However, if too many reports of a common problem arise, this is a red flag to avoid such a model altogether.

The forth criteria calls for consideration of durability a particular food processor model has and how far its manufacturer’s warranty is going to go to assure you of the longevity of this machine. The fifth criteria covers evaluating value added bonuses a particular model’s manufacturer will extend to you in comparison to the other top model manufacturers of similar models.

These criterions, combined with the issues identified, lead to a final level of understanding you need to figure out. This entails identifying the brands that dominate this kitchen appliance sector, and in particular, those that best fabricate food processing appliances that exemplify the features and functions you long for in your kitchen.

The KitchenAid and The Cuisinart Food Processor

When it comes to the best food processor range of products for your kitchen, the KitchenAid food processor brand is right there at the top. The verdict, however, is still out because the Cuisinart food processor is an equal or even a better brand, as attributed by regular consumer and kitchen test ratings.

Perhaps because of the great attributes they give their owners, food processors from these two brands come with a hefty price tag, according to regular food processor reviews. Both of these product lines have excellent designs, are powerful, and have the backing of strong and well-established company names.

The Hamilton Beach and the Ninja Food Processor

The Hamilton Beach food processor range comes a close third only rivaled by the Ninja food processor range. These two have interesting accessories and features but their motors are discernibly less powerful, making them more apt for a kitchen catering for one or two people at most.

Every one of these brands have conventional food item processing appliances and smaller than conventional kitchen top appliances. These include the mini food processor, which is a good idea if you operate a small household kitchen or if you merely want to prepare the occasional small batch of food.

You have numerous options to choose from, with the ​best small  food processor reviews presented within this guide, you have an opportunity to make an informed decision regarding which particular food processor is the right fit for your kitchen needs. Are you planning to shed off some weight? or just switched on to a healthier life style, these kitchen gadgets will sort you out in your fitness journey.

Top 4 best pasta makers in the market to buy : 2018 reviews

In this era of technological advancements, people are able to do things so much faster at the click of just one button.

And while for the longest time this was only a luxury that was enjoyed in the information technology sector, there have been many changes that have overhauled the status quo and crept into our very own kitchen areas. Smart kitchen appliances are evolving day in day out.

One of the ways through which technology has made cooking so much easier is through the very well-known pasta makers that have found a home in almost each and every home around the globe.

And this is with good reason, especially seeing as pasta has become a somewhat basic staple food as people move towards eating healthy foods.

In this article, we are going to delve deep into some of the best pasta makers in the market.

But before we get into that, let us have a look at the editors best pasta makers and their various ratings.

​4 best pasta makers reviews 2018

​1. ​Marcato Atlas Electric Pasta Machine

best pasta makers on the market

​​Anyone who has had the pleasure of using this product can attest to the fact that it exceeds all expectations far and beyond in as far as quality and function are concerned.

What’s more, the product also ranks pretty high in as far as design and stylishness are concerned. An aspect that has contributed largely to its purchase, seeing as it augurs well with pretty much all kitchen types.

​Marcato Atlas Electric Pasta Machine​ Features

It is easily adjustable.

It comes packed with a recipe book that helps give one a clear idea of what pasta types and flavors to prepare.

It has a 9 position dial that helps regulate the thickness of the pasta.

It has plastic fingers that help scrape the pasta off the cutters.


  • ​It has removable plastic fingers hence making it a tad easier for one to clean the machine.
  • check
    It is easy to dismantle and reassemble especially for purposes of cleaning.


  • ​It has a very hefty price tag
  • close
    Consumers don’t have the luxury of trying out as many pasta types as they would wish because it is limited to only 3 pasta types.

​2. ​Philips Pasta Maker

best rated pasta makers

​​Although there are so many incredible types of pasta makers in the market, nothing has come close to the Philips pasta maker in years.

Being a reputable brand that has some of the most advanced automatic pasta makers, Philips has managed to gain an edge over its competitors and win the hearts of more and more consumers over time.

If you love your pasta all fresh and flavorful, then you will definitely have your fill with this machine. Probably a little bit more than you may imagine at first.

More so because it has the ability to exert about 1600 pounds of force on the dough during extrusion, therefore, guaranteeing the user superb texture coupled with a remarkably amazing taste as the pasta explodes in your mouth with an intense burst of flavor.

Philips pasta maker Features

It has an LED display that is meant to ease operations.

It consumes about 200 Watts of power.

It comes packed with a recipe book that gives insight on 24 different types of pasta that one can make with the machine.

It has a cleaning tool that helps make cleaning the shaping discs much easier.

It has a pre set cooking function.

It has 4 default shaping discs.

It has a storage drawer right at the bottom that is meant for the storage of the shaping discs and the cleaning tools.


  • ​It gives you the flexibility of making over 20 types of pasta
  • ​You can make a large amount of pasta and store in the freezer.
  • ​It has a stylish looking appearance that accentuates the overall appearance of the pasta maker.


  • ​It is available in just one color shade hence restricting the freedom of choice.

​3. ​Cestari Kitchen Ultimate Pasta Machine

best pasta makers reviews

​​This is a world class pasta maker that enables its consumers to make tagliolini, fettuccine and flat dough sheets for ravioli, lasagna, tortellini, and cannelloni.

Well, known for the suction base, this pasta maker has been a rather remarkable tool for users who want to enjoy making their pasta without having to worry about the constant shaking and wobbling that the process brings about with it.

Its sturdiness, flexibility, and efficiency have also contributed to a large part in the overwhelming reception that this gadget has attracted over the years.

Cestari Kitchen Ultimate Pasta Machine Features

It has a suction base that eliminates shaking and wobbling.

It has a 9-position dial that regulates the thickness of the pasta.

 Its body is made of mirror polished chrome plated steel and rollers and cutters made of anodized


  • ​It has sharp cutters that help produce precise cuts.
  • ​It has a suction base that helps prevent unnecessary movements during the pasta making process.
  • ​It comes packed with a booklet that gives the user an idea of the kinds of recipes to prepare and the steps that one should take in preparing the pasta.
  • check
    It has a lifetime warranty that covers the pasta machine, the pasta roller, and the cutters as well.


  • ​It takes a bit of time to get around making the first batch.
  • close
    The countertop lock feature is not as efficient as would be desired.
  • close
    It is available in just one color hence restricting the freedom of choice.

​4. ​Kitchen Aid Pasta Maker

best quality pasta makers

​With the Kitchen Aid pasta maker in existence, you can no longer settle for the pasta you get from the shelves anymore.

It has become absolutely essential in the quest for healthier living, to in the very least buy your own pasta maker and make your own pasta at home.

Besides, having your own pasta maker gives you the luxury of savoring fresh homemade pasta whenever you like.

Kitchen Aid pasta maker Features

It comes packed with a pasta roller and a fettuccine and spaghetti cutter that aids in smooth rolling and clean cutting.


  • ​It is very easy to operate even for users that don’t have prior knowledge of how to use it.
  • ​Since it is constructed from sturdy materials, it is able to stand the test of time provided it is well taken care of.
  • ​The cutters make perfect cuts
  • check
    ​It can easily be assembled and disassembled when one wants to clean it.


  • ​It is very heavy hence making it tedious to move it around from one spot to the next.

In summary, despite the fact that the best pasta makers happen to have some cons as is with every other product, we cannot completely overlook the fact that the pros of these pasta makers far outweigh the negatives.

The decision to buy one of these highly rated pasta makers may be what’s standing between you and your opportunity to make your own freshly made homemade pasta.

We hope that this article will somehow shed some light on the best pasta maker to buy depending on your preference.

You will definitely be in agreement that it’s about that time that you treated yourself with an exquisitely remarkable pasta maker.

Bear in mind that this is not only a win-win situation for you in terms of overall convenience, but it is also a win-win scenario in your efforts to become more health conscious in your diet.

The 5 best hand mixers to buy in 2018

The power of the best hand mixer above all else, greatly impacts the kind of ingredients you can use and the speed with which you can achieve a perfect mix.

With more and more tools being created to make the baking process a little less tedious, baking has definitely become a fun affair and more of an adventurous escapade over time.

If you like whisking egg whites, whip creams or better yet making cake batters, then a hand mixer is an incredibly useful appliance to have in your kitchen.

Apart from being extremely efficient in getting a more consistent batter, you also get to create baked goods much swifter than you would normally do by hand

Whether you are a professional chef or an at home chef who just likes trying out different recipes to make a killer meal, one thing is for sure having world class tools at your disposal is what ultimately guarantees you a world class meal.

And although there are a number of tools that can aid in perfect baking, one of the most vital and essential tools to have at your disposal is a mixer.

Most especially because the mixer allows you to whip and knead your ingredients as quickly and easily as you possibly could.

Nevertheless, just as with any other pieces of equipment you purchase for your house, picking the right hand mixer is not always as easy as it seems.

More so because apart from picking the right type of mixer, you also need to consider the right brand that will serve you for a much longer period of time.

In this article, we are going to explore the best hand mixer and do some hand mixer reviews to demystify all there is to know about your favorite mixers as well as seek to give you some viable proposals of brands that will serve your cooking and baking needs impeccably.

We also have a detailed waffle maker buyer guide that also includes a review on the best waffle makers Here.

However, before we get into that, let us have a look at the hand mixers and how they fair according to their various ratings.

​Best hand mixers reviews 2018

1. ​KitchenAid Hand Mixer- best hand mixer for cookie dough

kitchenaid hand mixer 9 speed best price

​The Kitchen Aid 9 speed electric hand mixer is a sleek, speedy mixer that no doubt changes the mixing ball game in the kitchen scene. 

Being a reputable brand that has some of the most remarkable mixers with a history of mixing ingredients in a large scale, Kitchen Aid has managed to gain an edge over its competitors and found a place in virtually every home whether professionally trained to bake or not.

Being an epitome of efficiency, portability, power, strength, durability, sturdiness, and comfort it isn’t that hard to see why the Kitchen Aid hand mixer happens to be amongst the most preferred mixers in the market.

Kitchen Aid 9 speed electric hand mixer Features

It has a locking swivel cord that allows for easy right handed or left handed use.

It comes with a myriad of added accessories such as the turbo beater accessories, dough hooks, liquid blender rod, accessory bag and the whisk.

Its dimensions are 9.4*7.7*5.5 inches.


  • ​Attachments of the Kitchen Aid hand mixer are made from stainless steel which is well known for holding up just fine even after using it for a long period of time.
  • ​The front part of the mixer is vented to help keep the motor cool at all times.
  • ​Both its sleek design and candy apple red color are aesthetically appealing to catch one’s eye.
  • check
    ​It begins slowly and increases its speed periodically. This means that although the mixer may start off at a slow pace, the user is at liberty to prompt the machine to increase its speed depending on the kind of job that the mixer will be undertaking thus It mixes all ingredients uniformly.
  • check
    The design of the hand mixer puts into consideration both the needs of right handed users as well as those of left handed users.
  • check
    It has a fairly comfortable and easy to use design.
  • check
    Unlike other hand mixers you will come across, this one is much quieter.
  • check
    Detaching the attachments from the mixer and attaching the attachments to the mixer is as easy as ABC.


  • ​The power cord is retractable hence making it a tad harder to store the mixer.
  • close
    It has short beaters which might present a challenge especially when one has a deep bowl.
  • close
    You have to punch the button a number of times before you can get it to high speeds.

Besides being a sleek and beautiful mixer, the Kitchen Aid hand mixer also happens to be a fairly comfortable tool that puts into consideration the needs of both the right handed and the left handed users.

2. ​Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer- best hand held mixer

best buy hand mixer

​​With a fuse of durability and a long history of mixing expertise, the Hamilton Beach hand mixer falls nothing short of an acclaimed high-performance mixer in the kitchen scene.

Widely loved for the mere fact that it can cater to a wide variety of foods ranging from light egg whites to sticky dough, this 400-watt high-performance mixer is not only great for everyday mixing but also for the thickest of dough that you plan to mix every once in a while.

This is definitely worth getting especially if you are all for durability, versatility and for mixes that need precise control at every speed.

​Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer ​Features

It has a 400-watt motor.

It has about 12-speed settings.

It comes with a user manual that directs the user on how to go about using it and recipes that one can make with the mixer.

Its dimensions are 9*14*14 inches.


  • ​Both the attachments and the mixer are dishwasher safe hence making cleaning them a breeze.
  • check
    It has long beaters that reach to the bottom of just about any bowl.
  • check
    It is both easy to disassemble as it is to assemble for cleaning purposes.


  • ​It is a bit weak and wobbly especially when one is making cookie dough.

The Hamilton Beach hand mixer is widely regarded as the best choice for users looking for something that’s a little bit sturdy and much quieter.

3. ​Cuisinart Hand Mixer

best hand mixer reviews

​​The Cuisinart 9 speed hand mixer though an easy to operate mixer performs virtually all tasks that a recipe demands. 

Characterized by its long beaters, chef’s whisk and dough hooks this remarkably amazing mixer is everything any baker would fancy to have around the house.

Cuisinart 9 speed hand mixer Features

It is built to North American electrical standards.

Along with the mixer come the beaters, chef’s whisk, dough hooks, spatula, and instruction or recipe book that helps put the recipes and how to go about the mixer into perspective.

It has about 9-speed options.

It has a 1 touch speed control.

​The motor has 220 watts of power that provides ample power needed for mixing the tough dough.

It has an automatic feedback.

It has 3 low start speeds that help prevent the ingredients from spattering all over the place.

Its dimensions are 8.5*3.9*8.9 inches.


  • ​It has an LCD display that helps you know exactly what speed you are on.
  • ​It has a smooth start feature with low speeds that is responsible for ensuring there is little or no splatter.
  • ​It is well labeled to ensure you know exactly where each accessory needs to be.
  • check
    It has an attached storage case that comes in very handy especially when one doesn’t have a lot of space in the cupboards to store the mixer.


  • ​It is a bit heavy compared to other mixers. This is a factor that may greatly affect a user intending to use it for extended periods of time.

4. ​Oster Hand Mixer- best cheap hand mixer

best hand mixer for mashed potatoes

​The Oster hand mixer is a versatile and easy to use mixer that helps users prepare batch after batch of delicious treats with ease. 

With the 240 watt motor, the mixer is able to mix both light tasks and thick dough alike to a uniformly fine mixture without much of a hustle.

What’s more, it is absolutely the perfect tool if you want to make some nice homemade cakes and muffins.

Oster hand mixer Features

It has a 240-watt motor.

It has 5-speed settings.

Along with the mixer come chrome beaters and dough hooks.

It has an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort.

Its dimensions are 8.4*4.2*7.3 inches.


  • ​It has a retractable cord.
  • ​The speed is low enough to prevent ingredients from flinging and splattering all over.
  • ​It has a 250-watt motor that provides enough power for mixing and kneading all the contents together.
  • check
    It is both sturdy and strong for prolonged use.


  • ​It comes available in one color shade hence restricts the users the freedom of choice.
  • close
    You have to hold speeds 1, 2 and 3 down for them to work.
  • close
    It is a little noisy.

The Oster hand mixer, though not as strong as a brand like all the other brands has gained a name for itself for being a reliable and efficient mixer over time.

With its 5 speed settings, you will be in a position to have precise control at every speed.

5. ​VonShef Hand Mixer

best rated hand mixer

​​The VonShef is a 250-watt mixer that helps you effortlessly whisk, knead and mix ingredients into perfect harmony.

Apart from being pretty good at mixing the ingredients, the mixer also happens to be stylishly sleek to capture the eye.

Some of the striking features that give it an edge in the kitchen scene include having a design that is both compact and lightweight.

VonShef Hand Mixer Features

It has a 250-watt motor that effortlessly mixes, kneads and whisks away the ingredients.

It has 5 distinct speed settings.

It is both stylish and sleek.

It is very light.

Along with the mixer come 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, and a whisk.


  • ​It has a lightweight nature that allows for convenience and ease of use.
  • check
    All the attachments are dishwasher safe.
  • ​The mixer has a flat end that comes in handy when one needs to set it on the counter between uses.


  • ​The mixer’s slowest setting is not slow enough hence causing ingredients to spatter all over.
  • close

The VonShef hand mixer doubles up as a mixer, as well as a kneading and a whisking tool that helps you get all your ingredients mixed up nicely and ready for use in your meals.

You will no doubt have a blast using this adorable tool for all your mixing tasks.

​​Types of hand mixers

Before setting out on a journey to look for the perfect mixer it is vital that you decide on the type of mixer that will best suit your needs.

If your priorities are anything between saving space and money, then the hand mixer will certainly be something worth your while.

This is not only because of the fact that it has a much simpler design compared to the stand mixer but also because it costs much less and takes up less space in your drawer. There are basically two types of hand mixers that you can choose from.

The rotary hand mixer and the electric hand mixer. While there are many differences between the rotary and the electric hand mixer, among the notable differences include the fact that electric hand mixers move automatically whereas with the rotary mixer you have to use a lever to do the mixing.

Benefits of hand mixers

They do not take up much of your counter space owing to their compact nature.

They are easy to clean up.

They are highly portable hence giving you the freedom of moving basically anywhere around the kitchen at ease.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Hand Mixer

For you to choose a favorable mixer that will serve your needs to your fulfillment there are certain factors you need to consider while purchasing the hand held mixer. Here are a few tips to purchasing a worthwhile mixer.

The price range

The kind of cooking and baking that you wish to undertake will heavily impact the kind of price range that you choose to go for when looking for a mixer. For instance, if you do baking and cooking at a professional level it is most probable that you would like a mixer that is a bit more powerful for your cooking needs. This essentially means that you have to pick a higher priced model. Inversely, if you often do small scale cooking and baking you might opt for a lower priced model. Additionally, the price range might also go up if you prefer a mixer that has lots of different settings for precision.

The kind of attachments included

Having a mixer alone is not nearly half the battle yet. You have to have remarkably good attachments as well in order to make remarkably good mixtures for your meals. These will include items such as:

  • Dough hook
  • Wire whip
  • Flat Beater

The appearance of the mixer

While it could be satisfying to just stick to a white or black mixer, you’ll agree that having a mixer that adds a little pomp and color to the kitchen is remarkably enthralling.

Especially if you are one that likes to match your tools to the kitchen color shade.

Whether you have a drawer or a counter top big enough to place the mixer

Despite the fact that you can find a wide array of sizes on the market, you need to ultimately decide on a size based on how big of a storage space you have.

The last thing you want to happen is to have a small storage space and a large hand mixer that cannot fit anywhere in your kitchen because then it becomes a burden.


If you are going for an electric mixer, then the wattage is an essential factor that you have to put into consideration during purchase. This is because the wattage of the motor tells you how powerful the motor is and often determines the kind of mixing power that your mixer will have.

Ease of cleaning

While some mixers and their accompanying attachments happen to be pretty easy to clean, that is not necessarily the case for each and every mixer. It is therefore imperative to be on the lookout for something that will be most favorable whether dishwasher safe or not.

Additionally, in looking for an easy to clean mixer, you also have to put into consideration whether the mixer has a single press accessory detachment to facilitate easy cleaning. The last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to figure out how to detach the attachments for you to clean them.

The weight of the mixer

Depending on what you wish to prepare, you might find yourself holding the mixer for much longer periods of time than anticipated. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a mixer that is both light and easy to hold regardless of the span of time you will hold it for.

The kind of material that the beaters are made of

In most cases, the beaters do most of the mixing, kneading, and whisking. As such, they need to be in good shape and made of a material that is able to hold up even the toughest of dough. Anything less than sturdy will mean that you will need to keep on constantly replacing them.

Strength and steadiness of the mixer during the whipping and mixing process.

Among the most important things to consider is whether the mixer will keep on wobbling around during the mixing and kneading. The last thing you want to do especially when you are making batches of dough is have a mixer that won’t keep still because it will splatter the ingredients all over the place. Not to mention the fact that it can be such a drag.

The length of the beaters

The length of your beaters is directly linked to the kind of bowl you intend to use. For instance, if you have a shallow bowl, it goes without saying that you will need short beaters. However, if you have a deep bowl, then you will need beaters that are able to get to the very bottom and reach virtually all ingredients in your bowl. Getting the right kind of beaters helps prevent any splatter and scenarios where your ingredients aren’t fully mixed to your satisfaction.

Identifying the right hand mixer for your kitchen is definitely no easy task.

Especially when you have no prior experience when it comes to the specific features of what you should be on the lookout for in as far as a suitable mixer is concerned.

Nonetheless, we hope that with this guide you will be able to get a best hand mixer that will match your kitchen needs.

The best electric skillet will turn your dish into a gourmet’s delight

Picture an appliance that is a frying pan with its own electric heating source. The best electric skillet brings independence from cooking stoves.

With its heat-insulated legs, it will stand snuggly on your countertop or dining table.

Should cooking adventures take you away from the kitchen often, such as to the backyard patio perhaps, a large electric skillet is an excellent appliance to own.

Read on and discover other surprises your best electric skillet choice will bring to your culinary escapades.

6 best electric skillets in the market:  2018.

1. ​Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover Review

Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

​Wide-ranging electric skillet reviews place this product at the top of the food chain.

This large electric skillet will hold your chosen cooking temperature, will not ebb and flow, will cook evenly, is durable and will give you ten years of excellent service.

This product will give you proficiency in areas such as braising, baking, griddling, roasting, stewing, grilling, frying, and sautéing.

This means you can create culinary delights out of cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, fried chicken, and fish fillets among many others.

This electric skillet is made from heavy-cast aluminum. It comes with a non-stick surface far superior to Teflon.

This means stick-free cooking and cleaning up becomes a cinch. Simply wash it by hand or place it in your dishwasher. Just remember to remove the power attachment.

You bring sixteen inches of cooking surface to your culinary escapades.

This is coupled with high sidewalls for extra serving capacity and cooking. Its cover, made of tempered glass, allows you to monitor what is simmering inside while avoiding splatter.

The Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover is imported from China and is made by Presto.

It is created with North American Electrical Standards in mind, measures 23 by 13 by 9 inches, and weighs 9.6 pounds.


  • ​Allows food monitoring through see-through cover.
  • ​Easy to clean


  • ​Avoid metal serving and stirring utensils. Stick to wood, silicone, or plastic.
  • close
    Requires tender care to stop non-stick coat peel off.

The features in the Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover collectively, will give you an ability to prepare one big meal, or have multiple items sauntering simultaneously.

You will save energy more efficiently compared to using burners or an oven.

In addition, it functions admirably in various settings, such as your kitchen countertop, dining table, or the buffet long-table.

2. ​Farberware Non-Stick Electric Skillet, Black

​​This Farberware electric skillet promises to bring energy efficient routines to cooking, warming, and reheating of your dishes.

A strong glass lid lets you survey your dish as it simmers and it has a vent for enhanced steaming.

Its components, including temperature control, are detachable letting you easily clean it in your dishwasher.

The appliance is non-stick, both outside and inside, enhancing cooking and cleaning.

Do remember to use wooden utensils as recommended by its manufacturer.

The Farberware Non-Stick Electric Skillet, Black has a working space measuring 2.5 by 12 by 15 inches.

This gives you ample space to cook as many as ten pieces of bacon simultaneously.

Its all-cool handles make it a little bigger but also gives it easy portability traits.

Its ready indicator goes off once the electric skillet attains your chosen temperature.

It comes back on when the temperature falls below your chosen point.

This indicator alerts you when the appliance is ready for cooking. It is also useful while steaming, which makes dishes come out perfectly.

Its temperature control traits lets you create settings to keep your dish hot, but not continue cooking.

You can leave this feature on for up to six hours.

It is made of copper, plastic, and aluminum.

Cuori Electrical Appliances Group is the manufacturer and it measures 23.2 by 12.3 by 8.6 inches. It weighs 9.9 pounds.

Warrant details are available from your customer service provider.


  • ​It fits plenty of differing dishes since it is much deeper than other similar appliances.
  • check
    It comes with easily adjustable dials for precise cooking.


  • ​You cannot shut off this electric skillet without unplugging it.
  • close
    Rough handling results in non-stick surface peeling off.

You will love how roomy the Farberware Non-Stick Electric Skillet, Black is.

You will also love how the handle detaches with its cool lever, and how easy it is to adjust its dial.

3. ​Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Electric Skillet, Black and Stainless Steel

Oster Electric Skillet, 16 Inch, Black/Stainless Steel (CKSTSKFM05)

​​This stainless steel electric skillet will give your culinary escapes portability to any place with an electrical outlet.

This portable trait, coupled with its sleek modern looks, will complement your design kitchen style, dining table setting, or buffet arrangement.

At times, you will need to whip up quick meals. This product heats up fast and will not waste your precious time pre-heating. In addition, its handles remain cool to your touch no matter how hot it becomes or how long you cook in it.

This enhances safety, especially if you have kids around and movement from kitchen to dining table.

You will be working with a relatively large cooking surface, measuring sixteen by twelve inches.

With its temperature probe, you attain easy settings and adjustments for cooking at precise temperatures.

Monitor how your dish is simmering at a glance, and avoid splattering, through its tempered glass cover.

Besides, every component, except the electric attachments, is dishwasher safe. These two traits give you easy cleaning characteristics.

The glass cover fits securely trapping moisture and heat inside. This allows you to fry chicken, bake casserole, or cook a stew with ease.

This stainless steel electric skillet measures 6.8 by 19.8 by 13.4 inches and weighs 4.2 pounds.

It is manufactured by Oster and you can get information regarding the manufacturer’s warranty from your customer service agent.


  • ​This skillet is big enough to prepare family meals.
  • ​Unlike other brands, its thermostat gives precise readings where simmer is simmer


  • ​Failure to follow manual instructions results in a high pitch buzzing noise.
  • close
    Its relatively large size may present storage challenges in cupboards, shelves, or drawers.

This stainless steel electric skillet is an excellent companion for the discerning home chef.

Proudly bearing the Oster brand, it will make cooking the delights your family loves an exciting culinary adventure.

4. ​Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

​​This Cuisinart electric skillet will bring two critical traits to your gastronomic exploits.

These are high cooking area sides and an ability to accommodate large amounts of food.

This will allow you to deep fry and braise your favorite dishes.

In addition, these traits give you an ability to fit awkward food shapes for easier cooking.

The detachable power cord features thermostatic control that will maintain your desired dish cooking temperature.

This feature attracts rave electric skillet reviews all over the internet.

In addition, a temperature probe will give temperature adjustments that range between warm and 450 F.

A temperature control dial coupled with an indicator lighting will facility this.

These power and temperature setting components are removable making this electric skillet dishwasher safe.

Purchase or gift someone you care for, this skillet and you will bring a 1500-watt twelve by fifteen inch non-stick cooking surface powerhouse to precise cooking.

A glass lid features a stainless steel rim and handle. This will let you monitor your dish through cooking. Cool side handles will let you safely transport your dish to the dining table.

The entire ensemble is housed in dishwasher safe brushed stainless steel while it is built to stringently meet North American Electrical Standards.

It measures 13.5 by 19.8 by 6 inches and weighs 4 pounds.

This electric skillet is created by Cuisinart and your chosen customer service provider will furnish warranty information.


  • ​Use it anywhere with power connection.
  • ​Relatively large and deep cooking surface for any sized dish item.


  • ​Disregarding manual instructions leads to malfunctions including buzzing, droning, or humming noise.
  • close
    Avoid metal utensils for long lasting non-stick features.

This Cuisinart electric skillet will have people knocking on your doors wanting to taste that juicy, crispy on the outside, melt in your mouth on the inside dish.

Its temperature will run true while components clean with ease.

5. ​Hamilton Beach 38528 Deep Dish Ceramic Skillet, Black

Hamilton Beach 38528 Deep Dish Ceramic Skillet

​​This is the ultimate prize where cooking goes for it brings together counter top electric skillet capabilities and dish serving convenience in one appliance.

Made from durathon ceramic coating, this electric skillet will bring superior non-stick performance to your cooking.

You will be able to adjust heat to prepare a range of cooking options.

This appliance has cool to the touch handles irrespective of cooking cycle. These traits allow you to simmer, braise, fry, or sauté on a non-stick surface.

The flexibility afforded by working with a deeper skillet shine in the three inches of depth and twelve by fifteen inches of cooking space it possesses.

This gives you a higher capacity to create a variety of meals in one appliance.

Its ceramic surface has much higher durable than normal non-stick competitors do. As such, scrapping food off, cracking, and peeling of the surface shall be the least of your worries. In addition, the Durathon surface is free from harmful PFOA and PTFE.

It comes with a temperature range rising from warm to 400º F. This gives an ability simmer a dish in low or fry easily in very hot.

A winner trait is a warm setting perfect for keeping your food hot for the buffet line as you entertain or keep food freshly hot until you can serve dinner.

The Hamilton Beach 38528 Deep Dish Ceramic Skillet, Black measures 12 by 21 by 8 inches and weighs 7.6 pounds.

It is fabricated in China by Hamilton Beach. Obtain the necessary warranty details from your customer service agent.


  • ​Non-stick cooking spray is not required.
  • ​Cleaning up after is as simple as wiping everything off with a soft wet cloth.


  • ​Rinsing while it is still hot will mess up its ceramic coating.
  • close
    Power cord is short and built in a right angle, making it difficult to use on its left side.

This ceramic electric skillet promises four times more durability compared to normal non-stick appliances.

This means it will not peel or crack for a long time.

​​5 issues to consider as you purchase an electric skillet

An electric skillet presents your quests in cooking with convenience, speed, and better holding of consistent temperature.

This is compared to traditional stoves and cooking pans.

The market has three broad types of electric skillets. The multipurpose skillet costs more since it offers differing functions.

They present chefs with precise thermostat settings, come in various shapes and sizes, and have unique pan surfaces.

Non-stick coated skillet types enjoy rave electric skillet reviews. Coating is usually a choice between Teflon, a thin coating based on petroleum, and non-stick ceramic.

The third type is made of top grade stainless steel. This one attracts chefs who dislike non-stick coating and it is relatively long lasting too.

Some factors need consideration as you venture out to purchase an electric skillet. Five critical issues include the following:

One: Temperature

These appliances use dials in fixing appropriate temperature points. Look for a brand that lets you pick a precise temperature point, between high and low. Find a model whose heat can go as high as 450 degrees.

Pick a model with a keep warm option. This option enhances functionality of the appliance, such as keeping food hot before dinner is ready.

Insist on heat resistant handles to enhance safety and prevent burns as you cook or move your dish. It also increases durability for the appliance.

Two: Cleaning

Non-stick coating must remain a critical feature for any choice of the best electric skillet you go for. Non-stick stops food from burning and sticking, which result in cleaning difficulties.

The inevitability of cleaning up kitchen mess is less arduous when components are easy to clean. Dishwasher compatibility makes it even better.

In addition, a detachable component trait, especially the power cord, accentuates functionality while it speeds up cleaning processes. A ceramic electric skillet model best exemplifies these three features.

Three: Design

A lockable glass cover enhances transporting of an electric skillet with food inside. This means moving food to from the kitchen to the buffet table in the backyard or to the dining table is easier.

In addition, the glass cover lets you monitor cooking food without having to lift the cover, which would let the heat escape.

Perhaps you cook chunky food items or lots of meat stuff. Pick an electric skillet whose cover is high domed. You will get enhanced cooking space in the skillet from the elevation.

Additionally, pick one with high sides for better deep-frying or large meal cooking. High sides ease braising and fitting of oddly shaped food items.

Four: Location

Determine how much space you need to spare for your electric skillet. You might even require taking measurements of the kitchen counter top, dining, or buffet table.

An electric skillet comes in various shapes and sizes and having measurements helps to determine which one fits snuggly in your space.

You have an option between rectangular, oblong, and round. A round shape means smaller working space for cooking in, while rectangular and oblong gives you bigger room.

Five: Costs

The more features you desire in an electric skillet, the more it will cost you. This is besides brand and accessories required. Top brands are dearer while non-stick calls for specific stirring and serving utensils, increasing costs.

planning on buying a waffle maker, this waffle maker review will come in hardy.

Some features are however worth paying more for. These include: an adjustable steam vent, a lockable glass lid, or a drainage spout.

Also note that naturally, a small electric skillet will be more expensive than a mini electric skillet.

Finally, getting a warranty may prove hardy just in case your best electric skillet develops problems.

Best saucepans reviews: Best non stick pans without teflon

For your kitchen, the best saucepan should represent the most basic form of cookware. Simple as it is, being a bowl with a lid and a handle. It has critical importance because you will use it to prepare most of your meals.

Such meals range between puddings and custards, sauces and soups, to grains and pasta.
A well-designed saucepan, including a glass saucepan, will steam, simmer, and sear at a controlled and steady pace. You will be able to handle it with comfort, even when it is full.

Its handle will remain cool when you touch it throughout, eliminating the need for a potholder, while its lid keeps tightly fitting. Differences between brands produce surprisingly significant differences in performance.

If you pick the wrong choice for a saucepan, you will get a flimsy and warped vessel that has scorching hot spots. A sinuous handle and a heavy frame will make a poor choice saucepan, too heavy and awkward to move around when full.

An irksome handle rivet will trap food crumbs that results in an irritating cleaning chore instead of a quick sponge swipe.

This saucepan review guide will take you through seven stages that are essential in identifying the best saucepan for your specific needs.
The stages are:
1. A summary table of the reviewed products
2. A section critically reviewing the five top saucepan choices and a wildcard
3. A section on what is a saucepan
4. A section identifying the benefits it will bring to your kitchen
5. 6 tips for using a saucepan
6. What to consider as you purchase a saucepan
7. The different types of saucepans out there

Stage two: a critical review of five best saucepans 2018 and a wildcard

Here now is a shortlist I prepared in my quest to find the top-most silicone splatter guard.

1.The Emeril by All-Clad E884SC Chef’s Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 12-Piece, Silver

Emeril by All-Clad E884SC Chef's Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 12-Piece, Silver

​This sleek looking Emeril stainless steel saucepan set will give your culinary adventures easy maneuverability, particularly if you prefer lightweight pans and pots, as opposed to a heavy bottom saucepan.

Where your regular recipe preparation process requires shifting your food item from the stovetop to the oven, you will not need to change the cookware with the items in this set.

In this built to last a lifetime saucepan set, Emeril by All-Clad have designed a product for the home chef who has discerning cooking tastes. It has elegant hand polished finishes that will complement your design kitchen countertop.

Features You Will Love

This saucepan set comes with a professional 18 by 10 stainless steel construction and a compressed aluminum base. This means your food item will benefit from an even heat distribution.

With its comfy rounded chefs’ handles, it will be much easier to carry the pans, stir, and sauté whatever food item you are preparing. This saucepan set is compatible with every cooktop, including induction and up to three hundred degrees Fahrenheit, the pans and glass lids are safe to use in the oven. The metal pans are oven safe up to five hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

When it is time to clean up, you need not worry about ruining the seasoning. Normal dish soap works perfectly. They can withstand any harsh scrubbing you throw at them, a critical feature if you happen to burn food from time to time, and each item of the product is dishwasher safe.

The saucepans have measurement line engravings on the inner surfaces. This means you will not need measuring cups for your precision culinary adventures.

The saucepan has pouring spouts on either side that help prevent your soups and sauces from dripping on the sides as you pour, and therefore stop burnt food on the outer surfaces. The glass lids are twistable to keep food sealed in while cooking.

Physical Features

This set contains pouring, straining, and measuring saucepans that are compatible with all cooking tops, including induction and oven food preparation. Its unique Pro-Clad chef’s handle design gives you easier loaded pan movement, stirring, and sautéing.

A bonded base that is aluminum compressed and an 18/10 stainless steel construction evenly distributes heat throughout the saucepan. The products are silver in color and the entire saucepan set measures 23.5 by 15 by 13 inches in dimensions. It will weigh 24.5 pounds on delivery to your doorstep. It is manufactured in China by All-Clad for Emeril and the warranty information is available from your customer care agent.

In the set package are twelve pieces that include an All Clad 1.5 qt saucepan with pouring spout and glass lid, and an All Clad 3 qt saucepan with glass lid.


  • ​The pans have secure and clear glass lids
  • ​Set includes a vegetable strainer and steamer basket


  • ​You need a potholder as you handle the hot glass lids
  • close
    Saucepan reviews complain of poor packaging that does not offer enough protection

For the discerning home chef, this is an excellent lightweight stainless steel saucepan set. They are compatible with all of your cooking surfaces such as cooker top, stovetop, and oven, including induction.

Handling and moving the product around, especially when hot, is made easy with its unique handles even when you use a smaller saucepan on a larger burner using high flames. The saucepan with spout eases pouring, reducing spillage.

2. ​All-Clad E785SB64 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free Cookware Set, 13-Piece, Black

All-Clad Nonstick Cookware Set, Hard Anodized, Dishwasher Safe, 13-Piece, Black, Model E785SB64

​​If cooking is your passion, then All-Clad is your passionate partner in the creation of ultimate experiences for chefs and cooks who invest in their cookery passion.

In the All Clad 2 qt saucepan and every other product, they have dedicated themselves to growing and accomplishing, creating and sharing, passing down great stories, secret recipes, and tips.

For more than four decades, All-Clad have obsessed about every detail for every product, including the All Clad 2 qt saucepan. They have constantly innovated and evolved their growing range of top tier cookery ware. This way, they have meet the changing needs of chefs who demand unbending top quality where their culinary adventures feature.

The All-Clad E785SB64 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free Cookware Set, 13-Piece, Black is a glowing testament to this obsession.

Features You Will Love

The pieces in this saucepan set have nonstick cooking surfaces. The nonstick surface coating is PFOA free, which means cooking needs comparatively less fat for healthier and easier food release. A bonded stainless steel base will ensure your saucepan will not warp as time goes by and will give you induction capability.

This product has a hard-anodized aluminum construction giving you even heating for the entire pan. Its secure fitting glass lids will lock in your food moisture and heat. The lids will let you check on your simmering food item at a glance.

Every item in this saucepan set is oven and boiler safe up to five hundred degrees Fahrenheit, except for the lids. All of them are compatible with dishwashing machines. For a comfortable hold on the saucepan, the stainless steel handles are contoured and have firm securing through stainless steel rivets.

Physical Features

This saucepan set is black in color and measures 15 by 27 by 13.5 inches in dimension. It is made of aluminum. It features a unique All-Clad HA 1 hard-anodized design that gives you strong warp resistance and induction compatibility.

For its cooking surfaces, this enamel saucepan set has three layers of PFOA-free nonstick coatings. Such a surface ensures easy cleaning, effortless food release, and less fat for healthy cooking.

The set has thirteen pieces that include an All Clad 2 qt saucepan and an All Clad 3 qt saucepan, both with lids. The entire package will weigh 34 pounds when delivered to your doorstep and Groupe SEB, whose warranty details are available from your customer care agent, manufactures the saucepan set.


  • ​This cookware set is heavy and durable.
  • check
    Very easy to clean and will always look great.
  • check
    Numerous pieces mean you can cook almost anything on a nonstick surface.
  • check
    Bell-shape curving slightly inward at the top means fewer spills and food boiling over.


  • ​Lasts longer if you use wooden or plastic utensils and fiber cleaning tools
  • close
    Saucepan reviews allege handles get too hot.
  • close
    Heaviness may require handling with two hands.

The All-Clad E785SB64 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA-Free Cookware Set, 13-Piece, Black gives you wide convenience where cooking features.

The units will last for as long as you treat them well, such as using plastic, silicon, or wooden utensils for stirring, and fiber cleaning tools.

Hot spots become outdated with the items in this saucepan set. They are so easy to clean that a simple wipe, even after messy frying assignments, does the trick.

3. ​Cuisinart MCP19-18N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 2-Quart Saucepan with Cover – best 2 quart saucepan

Cuisinart MCP19-18N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 2-Quart Saucepan with Cover

​​For more than thirty years, and with inspiration from the great French kitchens, Cuisinart has been making cookware for the professional chef. Their products are fabricated from superior materials that allow perfection in classic cookery techniques. Every one of their cooking ware products continues their long tradition of excellence.

Cuisinart highlight their innovative excellence and commitment to high quality in the Cuisinart MCP19-18N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 2-Quart Saucepan with Cover. This product is designed to meet stringent demands gourmet chefs the world over revere. It is will let you celebrate the fine arts of cooking.

Features You will Love

This cookware product consists of an aluminum core that heats and cools rapidly, giving you precise temperature control. It comes with a unique heat surround technology that enables an even distribution of heat along its bottom and up its sidewalls.

Its triple-ply construction brings unsurpassed heat conductivity, enabled by a pure aluminum core. This ensures heat is retained with maximum effect, ensures an even-distribution of heat, and the elimination of irritating hot spots.

Its stainless steel interior allows delicate sauce simmering, perfect browning meats and sauntering of vegetables, and boiling numerous servings of pasta. It has a tight fitting cover, made of stainless steel, which seals in your food’s nutrients and natural juices for great flavor and healthier results.

The rim for this 2 quart Saucepan is tapered, giving you drip-free pouring. Its stainless steel cooking surface will not alter your food’s flavor nor react with your food item.

It comes with an exclusive cool-grip handle ensuring that you can move or stir your stovetop cooking food item with ease. Furthermore, this handle has unique thumb rests, is firmly riveted to the main frame, giving you the ultimate control and perfect balance whenever you lift or pour.

Physical Features

This 2 qt saucepan is a premium piece of cookware, featuring a pure aluminum core bonded to its stainless steel interior, a brushed stainless exterior, and comes with a professional triple-ply construction.

It has a tight-fitting and dishwasher-safe cover made of stainless steel, a tapered rim that allows drip-free pouring and an updated design for its cool-grip handle. When delivered to your doorstep, it will weigh 3.8 pounds and measure 15.2 by 8.1 by 4.9 inches in dimensions.

Cuisinart, the manufacturer who makes this product in China, provides a warranty whose details will be supplied by your customer care agent. It is compatible with induction, gas, and electric stovetops.

It is boiler safe, up to 550 F over safe, and dishwasher safe.


  • ​Solidly built, heats evenly, comfortable when lifting and pouring
  • ​Handle does not heat much even after simmering food for hours


  • ​It has a tight learning curve before you become accustomed to cooking with it.
  • close
    It might be too heavy, especially fully loaded, for some people.

This is great stainless steel saucepan for the home chef who engages in classic cooking techniques.

These techniques feature saucepan uses such as slowly simmering sauces, sautéing, browning, searing, and frying food items for two to four people.

The Cuisinart MCP19-18N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 2-Quart Saucepan with Cover is designed for the provision of professional gourmet cookery results. This nonreactive saucepan offers home gourmet chefs perfect heating results each time.


Farberware Cookware 50002 FW Classic 2qt Saucepan

Farberware has a timeless and classic cookware design that they have updated to conform to the modern cookery technology. Farberware has attained this through involvement of thicker aluminum, which brings even heating, through full-cap bases that stop cookware from making marks on your priceless countertop, through re-engineering of cookware rims, and by using the finest 18 by 10 stainless steel material.

Years of tradition have gone into every product from Farberware. With their products, you are not simply purchasing a cookware item; you are purchasing a legacy of phenomenal value. This value becomes apparent when the Farberware Cookware 50002 FW Classic 2 qt Saucepan becomes part of your kitchen cooking ware.

Physical Features

The Farberware Cookware 50002 FW Classic 2 qt Saucepan is a relatively small saucepan for preparing meals for one or two people at home. You can use it for cooking on stovetops and the oven. It is also dishwasher safe.

It comes with a stainless steel lid, which lets you cover your food item even in the oven. It is silver in color. For its main body, it is made of stainless steel material while its base is made of aluminum material. It will weigh 3 pounds on delivery to your doorstep.

The Farberware Cookware 50002 FW Classic 2 qt Saucepan rises 7 inches in height, it is 11.75 inches wide and 5.75 inches deep. Farberware Inc., Cookware Division, whose warranty information details are available from your customer relations agents, is the manufacturer.


  • ​A great basic saucepan that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • ​A heavy bottom helps prevent food burning
  • ​It does not warp.


  • ​The handle fastener screws tend to loosen and strip over time.
  • close
    Has challenges in maintaining pristine shine on its outside

The Farberware Cookware 50002 FW Classic 2 qt Saucepan is elegantly made.

The knob and handle have a distinct Victorian façade that however pave a painless and comfortable path to numerous happy small family dinners.

It also works beautifully in a complementing role as an item in saucepan sets of various types, such as a 4 quart saucepan.

5. ​​Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Covered Straining Saucepan, 1-Quart

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 1-Quart Covered Straining Saucepan

​​This classic 1 quart saucepan series brings together modern cookware technology and durability, traditional styling, and quality. Farberware has given these traits to gourmet chefs for more than a century, including through this small saucepan.

Features You Will Love

This stainless steel saucepan features a full-cap core base made of aluminum. The core base is then given a polished stainless steel surrounding. This gives the discerning home chef superior control and rapid, even heat distribution.

In addition, its stainless steel construction is quite durable and entirely dishwasher safe. It has relatively thick rolled rims with optional straining holes that bring additional durability, easy handling, and enhanced drip-free pouring.

The stainless steel saucepan comes with a stylish, bell-shaped lid made of stainless steel. A stainless steel lid will give this saucepan great looks on any kitchen design you choose to place it on.

The 1 qt saucepan comes with Farberware iconic lid knobs and handles, which are oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Physical Features

This saucepan comes with a unique design that allows easy covered cooking, pouring, and straining. Where straining features, the saucepan pour spouts can be aligned with the holes for easy straining.

For covered cooking, simply rotate the lid, closing the holes, and keep moisture inside the saucepan. For easy pouring, simply remove the cover, and pour thorough the spout built into the saucepan body.

This 1 quart saucepan is made from stainless steel and measures 5.75 by 11.25 by 6 inches in dimensions. Meyer Corporation has manufactured it for Farberware. The manufacturer’s warranty details are available from the agent who serves you in customer care.


  • ​Simple straightforward functionality and durability
  • ​Comes with a straining lid and heat resistant handles
  • check
    The saucepan is oven and dishwasher safe


  • ​Slightly hard to maintain its pristine polish on the exterior
  • close
    Handle attached by one screw that loosens up with constant heating
  • close
    Poor use leads to stubborn black marks and stains

Farberware has remained a mainstay in American kitchens for decades and continues to make great products at comparatively great prices.

The Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Covered Straining Saucepan, 1-Quart is a testament of this tradition.

A good solid stainless steel body, that combines with a thick steel and aluminum base, gives this 1 quart saucepan with lid reliable strength and an even heat distribution for all round precision cooking.

6. ​Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 4.5 Qt. Sauce Pan With Steamer Insert

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Saucepan with Steamer Insert, 4 1/2-quart, Black

This is a versatile product with a nonstick finish and a steamer basket insert. You will use it to cook on your stove top or oven and then easily clean it in your dishwater.

Its generous size comes with indicator lines on its rim. You will get a triple-layered interior that will promote healthy cooking.

It has features that make it easy to move your food straight from your kitchen to your dining table.

With this medium saucepan in your kitchen, you will be accessing an aesthetic and oven safe saucepan. You will get ergonomic and stay-cool stainless steel handles.

In addition, you get a domed, tempered-glass cover with a stainless steel rim. All these traits will bring style and cleaning up convenience that comes from a reduction in crevasses that would trap food.

Features You Will Love

Whether your culinary adventures involve preparation of a meaty marinara or a delicate béarnaise, the Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 4.5 Qt. Sauce Pan with Steamer Insert is designed for little or no fat cooking, maximum performance, and easy cleanup.

A heavy-gauge aluminum construction will guarantee your food is evenly cooked, and efficiently at that. It comes with a long, rolled, matte-finished cool-to-the-touch handle. This handle will stay cool as food steamers on your stove top while providing a comfortable, stable, and firm grip when stirring or moving your dish.

In addition, this Calphalon saucepan has a rounded perimeter bottom. This enables you scrape every spot in the saucepan. This way, no tasty morsel goes to waste.

A sparkling glass and stainless steel lid presents you with a clear view of exactly what is happening to your simmering sauces and soups. This lid is made of tempered glass, rimed with stainless steel, and a generous loop handle.

Physical Features

The Caphalon saucepan measures 8 by 8 by 5.3 inches in dimensions. This medium saucepan will weigh 8.8 pounds on delivery to your doorstep. Calphalon manufactures this product in China and their warranty details are available from your customer care agent.

The Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 4.5 Qt. Sauce Pan with Steamer Insert is made of heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum with a durable nonstick interior surface. It comes with a stainless steel steamer insert.

It is dishwasher and oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and you can use it with every cook top, except induction.


  • ​Its insert steamer and cover fit in snuggly
  • check
    The cover is high quality and fits on other saucepans.
  • check
    ​It is wide and deep, creating great water circulation, perfect for making pasta.


  • ​It is not microwave and freezer safe
  • close
    You must use nylon or wood utensils only to maintain its nonstick cooking surface

The Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 4.5 Qt. Sauce Pan with Steamer Insert feels large and hefty.

It might require lifting with two hands, which might be a positive for most people who prefer a medium saucepan.

The steamer basket provides ample room for longer and larger vegetables, giving them even more space for steaming, turning over, and moving the vegetables about.

Stage three: what is a saucepan?

Descriptions of what defines a saucepan vary, with one portraying it as a round, deep metal container that comes with a handle, and one used for cooking food on a stove. Another narrative has it that a saucepan is a cooking utensil with a round shape, high straight sides, and a relatively longer handle.

It is a cooking vessel considerably deeper than its diameter, has a long handle on one side, and is round, is another saucepan definition. It will have rounded corners on its bottom so that you can use a wooden spoon to get the sauce from the corners easily, keeping the sauce from burning.

Featuring tight fitting covers, saucepans range in size from those that hold one pint of contents to those whose content size is five quarts or more. As such, you are bound to encounter descriptions such as 1 qt saucepan or 5 qt saucepan or All Clad 4 qt saucepan, where All Clad is the manufacturer.

Numerous applications can be put to a saucepan, including braising food items, making soups and sauces, and food preparation processes such as boiling water. As such, among the cookware in your kitchen, a saucepan will be that general item that will address your food preparation processes.

Saucepans feature elongated sides and an ability to move heat evenly throughout its surfaces. Picking one made of a certain material, such as copper, cast iron, or stainless steel, will bring its own distinct range of features to a home chef’s food preparation repertoire. Other materials this cookware is made of include glass, anodized aluminum, cast iron, and enameled steel.

Saucepan Versus Saucier Pan

Saucepans are often confused with saucier pans in that both seem to perform similar tasks. Saucier pans are, however, shorter and have sloping, rather than straight, sides. Saucier pans give chefs easier access to contents around the edges of the pan during stirring. This is because they have wider openings that make it easier to undertake wider arcs with a whisk, spatula, or a spoon when stirring.

Saucepan Versus Pot

In a saucepan vs pot comparison, a pot comes out as a generic term that refers to a stovetop cooking vessel, one of any shape, and one that comes with or without a fitting lid. A pot has two handles, one on each side.

A saucepan is a pot but generally assumed to be smaller than the pot. The saucepan will most likely have an indention or a spout on one side that comes in handy during pouring.

Stage four: The benefits a saucepan will bring to your kitchen

Cookery is a form of art. This is not just the breathtaking displays you can create. Think more along the subtle, yet precise lines in which you can prepare food. To create a food dish that turns out just right, a steady hand, an ability to combine ingredients with precision, and focus need to come into play.

All that hard work you put into preparing a meal may come to naught when you do not have the appropriate cooking ware. Saucepans are not merely for sauces. Stews, casseroles, dishes of rice, and great pasta, all have their origins from the bowls of a saucepan.

Other culinary creations that arise from the dimensions and depth only a saucepan can give you include soufflés, stovetop dessert creations, and ultimately, the stirring up of delicious sauces and soups.


Going for saucepan sets gives you additional benefits. You access saucepans that pour, a non stick saucepan, a mauviel saucepan, mixed brand choices such as a le creuset saucepan and Calphalon 3 qt saucepan, and lids that strain, among numerous other options.

The best saucepan has a versatile manner of transitioning from stovetop to oven to dining table and to fridge. This is without the need to have to clean additional dishes. This makes them ideal for preparing those recipes that call for dual methods of heating.

The best saucepan is one that not only comes with this versatility but also one compatible with the modern induction technology. In addition, it will give you compatibility with various hobs that come with modern kitchen designs. These include electric cookers, ceramic, gas, solid plates, radiant rings, and halogen hobs.

Several brands of saucepans available in the market today have polished or hardened stainless steel material fabrication. Others have aluminum combined with anodized coatings. These bring efficient, superior, and even heat distribution to your meal preparation. Great saucepans have cool to the touch handles, making movement and stirring comfortable.


For the single person or the small family, the saucepan is an absolute essential. This is because other cooking ware can be too big as compared to a small saucepan, such as the 1 quart saucepan. In addition, other cooking wares do not provide ideal dimensions for meals small families or single persons have in mind.


You will most probably spend more time cleaning up your cookware than you actually do enjoying the fabulous meals you make. As such, the best saucepan is one with dishwasher compatibility, a ceramic saucepan for example. This means cleanup is easy and fast. Simply load up your dishwasher, push a button.

For the dishwasher incompatible saucepan or if you prefer hand washing your cooking ware, there are saucepans available that make cleaning a breeze. No harsh scrubbing is necessary. Simply soak stuck food overnight.


Finally, saucepans may be breathtakingly stylish showpieces or lovable and cherished heirlooms. Whether you use it every day or on special occasions, a functional and elegant saucepan set can bring enormous warmth and atmosphere to your kitchen. It can stir your imagination, and make your meals feel special and truly exquisite.

Need a splatter guard? check out our recommended silicone splatter guards.

Stage five: 6 tips for using a saucepan

Easy to clean and reliable saucepans are an essential part of a great kitchen. Whether you are cooking for a one-person party or for a crowd, picking an appropriate saucepan, such as a 4 qt saucepan, gives you consistent heat and a quick cleanup. This way, you can get more time to enjoy what you have prepared.

Having excellent saucepan sets is one thing. Using them to obtain the right results is entirely another story altogether. Below are six tips to help you get the best from saucepans.

One: Stirring is Critical

In a normal food-simmering situation, the contents at the bottom of your saucepan are hotter than those at the top. This is because the bottom is much closer to the heat source. In addition, most food dishes, particularly soups and sauces, do not heat evenly in a saucepan.

In this regard, if you fail to stir your soups and sauces as they simmer, they will scorch at the bottom yet the top remains uncooked. As such, make an effort to stir your soups, sauces, and other food items constantly. This way, they will heat evenly and the dish will not burn.

Two: Work With A Clean Saucepan

Working with poorly cleaned saucepans means food residues and particles will burn between your stove and saucepans. This will lead to unpleasant odors all over your kitchen, compromised food flavor, and damage to both your stove and saucepans.

Working with dirty cookware also creates hot spots and cooking surface flaking that arise from subsequent abrasive cleaning up. As a good tip, clean off your saucepans just before cooking, especially if you have not used them for a while.

Three: Work With A Clean Stove

It is a prudent idea to ensure you thoroughly clean up and dry your stovetop prior to any cooking activity. This is because saucepan scorching often happens on the exterior rather than inside.

A dirty stovetop will have food particles and residues that will burn up on heating. This leads to damages on both the stovetop and the saucepan. What remains behind is an offensive, burnt food smell that destroys appetites.

Four: Avoid Adding Food To A Cold Saucepan

If you add food to a cold saucepan, odds that it will stick rise higher, compared to adding food to an already warm saucepan. This may lead to food burning and a huge mess to clean up.

Working with a warm saucepan and warm cooking oil allows the oil to form a protective layer between your food and the saucepan. Note too that cold oil will soak into your food, which will leave your saucepan unprotected.

Five: The Quality Of The Saucepan Matters

Shoddy construction, poor materials, and cheap designs are hallmarks of poor cooking performance. A major reason that leads to food burning is a saucepan poorly made.

The thinner a saucepan is, the higher the chances the food prepared in them will scorch. Poorly designed saucepans lead to uneven heat distribution. As a result, some spots do not get hot enough while others become too hot.

Saucepan reviews are widely available to enable you pick a well-designed and high quality saucepan. Make use of them.

Six: Go for Non-stick Cooking Surfaces

Unless handled with utmost care, saucepans without non-stick linings on their cooking surfaces will easily burn your food. Shop around for a top quality non stick saucepan to enhance your culinary adventures.

As you shop around, go for a non-stick and nonreactive saucepan. This will take care of your health and maintain the natural flavor of your favorite food dish.

Stage six: 5 things to consider while purchasing a saucepan

The actual cooking activity is deeply personal. Your own tastes reign above all others. You control the spice, the heat, and the flame. It is a personal choice what amount of salt to use. How brown your onions will get is personal. You determine precisely when your steak is done.

You can drool at a Mauviel saucepan picture but when you finally get to prepare a dish in one, you stagger and struggle. You stop and feel so awkward it is sad. It is too heavy, you discover. It is that personal. You may end up buying a 3 qt saucepan instead.

Picking the best saucepan for your kitchen is a personal decision too. It is one thing to long for advertised traits of a 5qt saucepan, but it will not be comfortable to pick this heavy saucepan. To avoid personal disappointment in your purchases, a few issues need consideration before heading to the saucepan Walmart shopping section.

First: Size

Saucepan sizes vary, rising from the tiny 1 quart saucepan with lid, through a small 3 quart saucepan, to a large saucepan that measures twelve quarts. The best saucepan size depends on the amount of cooking you undertake and your cooking routines.

Second: Cooking Routines

Should your microwave represent the major cooking appliance in your kitchen, you need not spend inordinate amounts of money on saucepans. In addition, if you do a little cooking, an expensive saucepan set would be an odd purchase. As your cooking regularity grows, buy progressively bigger saucepans.

If cooking is your passion, then purchasing saucepan sets at premium prices becomes normal. This means cleaning after becomes a normal chore, one made less demanding through picking dishwasher compliant saucepans or those easy to clean by hand.

Third: Cladding

Clad refers to bonding different metals through rolling or pressing sheets together under very high pressure. Bonded metals commonly cladded in saucepans include stainless steel and aluminum. Wonderfully cladded saucepans have their entire bottoms and sides covered in bonded metals.

Fourth: Maximum Heat

A number of saucepans in the market are not compatible with the various stoves that adorn various kitchens. Many of them are not suitable for cooking applications using the latest induction technology. As such, understand your stove before you purchase a saucepan.

Again, some saucepans have a low temperature tolerance. Go for a saucepan that can withstand oven temperatures rising to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Five: Material

A critical saucepan feature to consider before purchase is the fabrication material. Aluminum is lightweight and a great heat conductor. It unfortunately tends to burn food and does not last for long.

Stainless steel alone conducts heat poorly but when sandwiched between a copper and aluminum core, it creates a durable and good heat-conducting saucepan. Copper features in high-end saucepans, evenly distributes, and conducts heat. It however reacts with food, leaving metallic influences on flavor.

Cast iron lasts for generations but requires extra care against rust. A ceramic saucepan is free from toxic material and therefore provides a healthy and safe way to prepare food.

Stage seven: Types of saucepans

A love for your kitchen, cooking, and your saucepans will largely determine which set of saucepans to purchase for your home cooking. Equally important is the types of food dishes you will be preparing.

Saucepan types are determined depending on the material their fabrication consists of.


This is the most common saucepan type out there. They often come with an enamel coating on their exterior and a non-stick coating in the cooking surface. An aluminum enameled saucepan tends to be easy to clean and durable. However, they have induction hob incompatibility.

For a higher consideration, you can pick a hard-anodized aluminum enamelware saucepan. This one undergoes electrochemical treatment, giving it a hard finishing. This finishing brings peeling and chipping resistance.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel saucepan tends to have a higher price tag but they last longer and have dishwasher compatibility. Their disadvantages include messy food stickiness and hot spots.

An addition of aluminum or copper layers, sandwiched in between layers of stainless steel, goes a long way in eliminating these disadvantages.

Cast Iron

A cast iron saucepan tends to be quite heavy, attaining a definition of a heavy saucepan. They take a much longer time to heat up compared to other saucepan types. Once a cast iron saucepan heats up however, it retains heat rather well.

This heavy saucepan works particularly well with range cookers.


A copper saucepan comes at an even higher price tag but also tends to last for a lifetime. They come mostly lined with stainless steel or tin. A copper saucepan has weaknesses that arise from their incompatibility with electric, radiant, halogen, sealed plate, and glass-topped hobs.


A ceramic saucepan is highly versatile, free from metal, and has microwave compatibility. They are safe in your refrigerator meaning you can store your meal in the container you cooked it in, maintaining full flavor.

A ceramic saucepan doubles as a serving piece. This means you can use your cooking dish as the serving dish. This will improve your meal presentation, through avoiding food transfer from one dish to another. You also save on cleaning up.

The best saucepan for your kitchen will transform your cooking chores into expeditions of joy.

Similar to your clothing, go for cooking ware that compliments your style and unique functions.

6 Best griddles to buy in 2018

A griddle is one tool that has managed to cause an uproar in the kitchen scene time and again for its imminent importance and being a pertinent fixture for breakfast in many modern homes. Thats why we emphasis on investing in the best griddle in the market.

Despite the fact that griddles are well known for making pancakes and French toast, this appliance also doubles up to offer a favorable cooking surface for making sauté vegetables, flatbread, warming tortillas and cooking burgers and seafood. Call it a jack of all trades if you like.

Apart from being a rather handy accessory, the griddle also happens to offer a large enough cooking surface to cook meals that can be savored by the entire family. This is one aspect that makes it all the more preferred especially by people who cook food for a large number of people.

In this product review, we are going to demystify all there is to know about the griddles including the various types of griddles available in the market and some of the popular brands that will be worth your while in terms of overall performance.

6 Best ​griddles review 2018

​Lets proceed to an in-depth review of the best griddles available in the market.

​​​​1. ​ Presto 07211 liddle griddle

Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

​This line of griddles has become rather popular among a number of both at home chefs and professional chefs all over the globe.

Not only for the fact that it offers a return on value and an in built channel that aids in catching the extra grease, but also because it has an easy to clean design and a small enough surface to fit just about any storage space.

More to that, the appliance also happens to have a lightweight construction that aids in portability and a master heat control that helps the user adjust the temperatures to a more optimal setting.

What’s more, it also has a cast aluminum base which garners it points’ in as far as even cooking is concerned.

Uses  of Presto 07211 liddle griddle

This appliance can double up as an electrical skillet and gas grill if need be with the only downside being its small size.

In as far as its uses are concerned, you will most certainly have your fill with this particular appliance because it is not only a valuable help in cooking pancakes but also in preparing bacon, eggs, and even hamburgers.

Features of Presto 07211 liddle griddle

For even cooking purposes, it is made of cast aluminum which is well known for even distribution of heat.

It has a master heat control that automatically maintains optimal temperatures.

This griddle occupies about 2.9 by 14.4 by 11.1 inches on your counter space.

 It weighs about 3.3 pounds which is fairly reasonable considering you might have to move it from


  • ​It has an automatic temperature control that helps the user cook food at optimal temperatures.
  • ​It features a drip of grease tray that in essence helps channel any excess fat away from the food.
  • ​It just so happens to be both dish washer safe once the heat control is removed as well as submersible in water hence making the cleanup process a breeze.
  • check
    ​It maintains high temperatures for longer periods of time which is important especially when one is preparing foods such as pancakes.


  • ​The cooking surface is generally very fragile and hence gets easily scratched by metal instruments.
  • close
    Despite having a drip tray, the griddle still spills if one doesn’t empty it out before cooking fatty or greasy food.
  • close
    It is relatively small and hence cannot accommodate a lot of food.

Being a simple appliance to understand and use, the Presto 07211 griddle no doubt happens to be a valuable appliance to have around the kitchen area.

With its compact size and its remarkably unique features, you will certainly have a blast using this appliance around your kitchen.

​2. ​Oster CKSTGRFM18W-ECO Dura Ceramic Griddle

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray, Black/Crème (CKSTGRFM18W-TECO)

​​Over time, through the stellar reviews that it gets, the Oster griddle has gradually become one of the best griddles in the kitchen scene thus far.

With this appliance, you can cook just about any tasty treat be it for your own consumption or for the savoring of the entire family.

There’s no reason for you to miss out on any delicacy because the Oster griddle will handle any type of meal that you would want to savor.

Among its strong points include the fact that it has a large enough surface area to accommodate a meal for the entire family and the fact that it happens to be completely free of any manufactured chemicals hence guaranteeing you health at every step of the way.

What’s more, it also prides itself in not only being versatile but also easy to use as well.

You can use the Oster griddle for a number of uses including but not limited to making sausages, eggs, bacon, pancakes, sautéing onions and mushrooms as well as hash browns and chicken.


It features a unique and innovative Dura Ceramic non-stick ceramic coating.

It is free of chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA.

Its cooking surface is approximately 10 by 18 inches large.


  • ​It has a warming tray right underneath that is meant to keep the already cooked food at the optimal temperature at least until you are ready to serve the food.
  • check
    It has a Dura Ceramic non-stick coating that enhances its overall durability to up to four times.
  • check
    It has an inbuilt channel that facilitates the disposal of grease.
  • check
    It has cool touch handles that help ensure the user's safety whilst handling the hot griddle.


  • ​It doesn’t have something in place to hold the grease and warming trays when you move the griddle and hence they end up falling out with a single move.

The Oster griddle, though not as strong as a brand like all the other brands has gained a name for itself for being a reliable and efficient griddle over time.

With its large cooking surface and its remarkably unique nonstick coating, it is safe to say that it certainly brings a lot to the table as a brand. You will no doubt have a blast using this remarkably unique and innovative appliance any day any time

3. ​Blackstone Portable Table Top Camp Griddle

Blackstone Table Top Grill - 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle - Propane Fueled - For Outdoor Cooking While Camping, Tailgating or Picnicking

​​The Blackstone portable table top camp griddle is the quintessence of compactness and convenience that helps make your outdoor experience a little more bearable.

Aside from being remarkably easy to clean, this piece of equipment also happens to have some amazing features that give it an edge over most of its contenders in the kitchen scene and more specifically in the griddle scene.

If you love camping and dread carrying loads of pans for your cooking escapades, then this will be just perfect for you as you can prepare a myriad of meals therein.

Uses of Blackstone portable table top camp griddle

Blackstone is ideal for cooking hot dogs, burgers, stir fry, steaks, sautéed mushrooms and onions, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, eggs and so much more.

Features of Blackstone portable table top camp griddle

It offers about 260 square inches of cooking surface.

It has a stainless steel burner that heats up pretty fast to facilitate swift cooking.

It features grease trays that help get rid excess fat.


  • ​Easy to clean and very effective


​The Blackstone griddle provides you with an amazing array of features that help make your outdoor cooking experience a little bit more interesting.

With its amicably large size and its versatility, it has been able to appeal to people who have a liking for the country side and outdoor activities.

​4. ​Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

​​Apart from being solely responsible for granting you infinite food preparation opportunities it also happens to be an exquisitely sleek appliance that will dazzle you off your feet.

What’s more, when it all boils down to quality and durability, this appliance definitely bags all the points.

Uses of Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

Pancakes, French toast, bacon, grilled cheese, and eggs are just but a few of the many delicacies that you can prepare using your handy and capable griddle.

Features of Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

It has a master heat control that maintains the desired temperature.

It has a nonstick surface that provides for stick free cooking.

It has latch clips that help detach the handles from the griddle base.

Its cooking surface is extra large to accommodate enough food to feed the entire family.

It features removable handles for easy cleaning and compact storage.

It will occupy about 26.25 by 11.5 by 2.5 inches of space on your counter.

It weighs about 6.5 pounds which is fairly reasonable in case the user has to move it around the kitchen area.


  • ​It has a nonstick surface and removable handles that make cleanup a particularly easy affair.
  • ​It has a master heat control that helps adjust the cooking temperature to the most optimal setting.
  • ​The cooking surface is in itself knurled to prevent food from sticking on to the surface of the griddle.
  • check
    It is exceptionally large without necessarily commanding a lot of space and hence leaves enough free space on the counter for you to still prepare food comfortably.
  • check
    It has a slip-out drip tray that catches all the grease that may be in your food so as to leave your food less fatty.


  • ​The heating surface is uneven hence causing some parts to be much hotter than others.
  • close
    There have been cases of a slight discoloration after some time.
  • close

With all that it offers and all the precious time it saves its users, it’s safe to say that this appliance brings to the table all that one could ever wish for.

 Between being large enough to feed the entire family and being so easy to clean, it definitely won’t let you down at all.

​5. ​Black Decker Gd2011b Family Sized Electric Griddle

BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle with Drip Tray, GD2011B

​​The Black Decker GD2011B is a stylishly sleek piece of equipment that changes the cooking ball game in the kitchen scene.

Apart from being a reputable brand, this appliance also prides itself in not only being large enough to feed an entire family but also in the fact that it cleans up with ease.

What’s more, it exudes power in its overall performance and happens to be light weight in nature to facilitate ease of mobility.

Uses of Black Decker GD2011B

Just as with the other griddles, the Black Decker GD2011B also offers you an opportunity to enjoy making a myriad of breakfast favorites therein.

From sausages, bacon, pancakes to fried eggs, you can be sure that making breakfast will no longer be a long affair. On the contrary, it will be a snap especially seeing as you can place a number of different delicacies to cook simultaneously.

Features of Black Decker GD2011B

In terms of cleaning, the Black Decker just so happens to be dishwasher safe an aspect that significantly eases the cleanup process.

It has a temperature control that makes the adjustment of temperatures to one’s desired optimal temperature fairly easy.

It has a nonstick cooking surface that not only prevents food from sticking onto the surface but also eases cleanup.

On the counter top, the appliance takes up about 22 by 12 inches of space.

It has a cooking surface of about 20 by 11 inches which is sufficient enough to cook up to 8 servings of food.


  • ​It has cool touch sides or rather handles that ensure your safety as you move the griddle especially right after having cooked a hot meal.
  • ​It is constructed with materials that hold up pretty well even after years and years of having used the appliance.
  • ​It is lightweight in nature to facilitate ease of movement.


  • ​The cord is very short and so you might need an extension if you don’t have a convenient outlet.
  • close
    The drip tray holds a relatively low amount of grease which means that you will constantly be required to empty out the tray.

Despite having a number of downsides, the Black Decker GD2011B is yet to lose its credibility in as far as being a worthy contender in the griddle scene is concerned.

After all, it does have some pretty fantastic features that still secure it a seat at the table of reputable griddles in the kitchen scene.

You will definitely have your fill as you explore the various kinds of meals that you can prepare using this particular griddle.

​6. ​Toastmaster TM-201GR Griddle

Toastmaster TM-201GR Griddle, 10 x 20, Black

​​Whether you want to prepare a meal in the morning, at noon or at night, the toastmaster griddle is a convenient inclusion in just about any kitchen space.

Well known as a brand for being convenient and providing valuable solutions in the appliance sector, Toastmaster provides one of the most remarkable griddles packed with some of the most iconic features ever seen in the kitchen scene.

Uses of Toastmaster TM-201GR Griddle

There are a number of sumptuous delicacies that you can make using the Toastmaster griddle.

These include anything ranging from grilled cheese to sandwiches, hash browns, bacon, quesadillas and pancakes among many other meals.

Features of Toastmaster TM-201GR Griddle

It has a cooking space that measures about 10 by 20 inches.

It has a nonstick coating that facilitates ease of cleanup.

It has an adjustable temperature control with 6 temperature settings that basically ensure that the temperatures are at an optimal setting.

It has a slide out drip tray and deep grease run off channel that facilitates the disposal of fat and grease.

It occupies about 25.3 by 12.6 by 2.8 inches of the counter space.

It weighs 4.3 pounds which in essence happens to be a considerable weight for purposes of mobility.


  • ​The whole unit including its griddle tray happens to be dishwasher safe. This makes it easy for the user to clean the components once done with cooking.
  • ​Thanks to the adjustable temperature control and its 6 temperature settings, users can easily adjust the surface temperature for any purpose they so wish as well as manage heat during cooking.
  • check
    It's plug-in-cord locks in tightly unlike with other griddles which come loose so quickly.


  • ​After some time the paper directions get splattered with cooking oil hence necessitating the user to reprint them.

With the Toastmaster griddle, you will not only have the opportunity to make flavorful, sumptuous food effortlessly, but also have the opportunity to enjoy having by your side a handy appliance that exudes portability, power, reliability, and convenience with every single use.

It will indubitably be a worthy investment in the long run that will help you reach all your cooking goals as well as help you enjoy your cooking escapades to the fullest.

Types of Griddles

Before ultimately deciding on a certain type of griddle, you need to be absolutely sure that it will suit your needs to the fullest. This is alongside considering your priorities in terms of space and the overall price range of the said appliance.

In light of this, there are a number of different griddles available in the market and your buying a particular griddle will be based on whether it meets the factors that you have to consider before making a purchase. Some of the most popular griddle types include:

Electric Griddles

An electric griddle, unlike all the other griddles, happen to have a much thinner plate material so as to in a way improve the heat transfer between the cooking surface and the bottom mounted elements.

Among the many strong points of electric griddles is the fact that they happen to be less expensive compared to gas griddles and more durable in the long run.

However, seeing as they run on voltage, it is important to remember they bring along with them a cost with every unit consumption of electricity. Most times the power of the electric griddle varies from 120 volts to about 240 volts.

Gas Griddles

A gas griddle or a propane griddle is probably one of the most common types of griddles in the market owing to the fact that most homes have a ready supply of natural and propane gas.

This is of course in addition to the fact that natural and propane gas are most preferred for their consistent temperatures and rapid heat up as well. Not to mention the fact that they heat up the plate in a more even manner as the hot gases often tend to cover the entire bottom plate surface.

Induction griddles

Induction griddles are in nature a much swifter form of an electrically powered griddle. Though a relatively new product in the market, these griddles make use of induction elements in order to generate heat directly in and across the griddle plate.

Needless to say, this has in a way caused this particular griddle to rank higher up because it gives the griddle great heat up times.

Countertop griddles

Countertop griddles are often characterized by their flexibility to be placed on basically any location provided the necessary ventilation and power requirements are met.

What’s more, they can easily be moved from one spot to the other in case the circumstances demand so.

Drop in griddles

Normally, these types of griddles are placed into a cutout section in a countertop or table to create a somewhat flat surface. They are often a good choice when a flat, uniform look is desired or when used in front of the house.

Things to Consider when Buying a Griddle

For you to choose an apt griddle that will serve your needs to your fulfillment there are certain factors you need to put into consideration. Here are a few tips that will help you purchase one that will definitely be worth your while.

The size of the griddle

Griddles happen to be in most cases very large in nature so as to facilitate the cooking of a number of items simultaneously.

And although this could work to the favor of the chef, it could be on the other hand detrimental especially when you have a small counter space for storage purposes.

It is, therefore, vital to ensure that your griddle choice is well within the storage space you have available.

Existence of functional heat controls on your griddle

Heat controls are a pertinent feature in griddles as they facilitate the adjustment of the cooking temperature to the most optimal setting. Meaning you can be able to cook food in low, medium or high heat.

Therefore, its importance in a griddle cannot be downplayed as it allows the chef to set different temperatures deemed best for its various meals.

Whether the griddle has a drip/grease tray

Much as we fancy having our fill with the various types of meals that we can cook, it is clear that we also like to minimize the amount of harmful food we partake in trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to the griddle, it is best to choose one that as much as possible reduces the amount of grease on the food and this can only be achieved if the griddle has a built in drip tray or grease tray that disposes of the grease from the food.

How easy it is to maintain the said griddle

Maintenance is everything when it comes to a griddle especially if you will be using it every single day.

You will no doubt want a griddle that has easily removable parts that facilitate easy cleaning at the end of the day. Sadly, while most of the griddles you will come across happen to be easy to clean, that may not be the case for each and every griddle.

It is therefore important to be on the lookout for a griddle that will be most suited for you regardless of whether it is dishwasher safe or not.

The griddles price range

When making arrangements to buy any sort of appliance you will agree that the price plays a vital role in your ultimate decision. This is regardless of whether the appliance has the kind of features you fancy or the specifications that you would wish for.

After all, it is only logical that you will buy an item that is well within your budget. On the other hand, it is vital to also remember that to get a good griddle with added features you have to cough up some more money depending on how flexible your budget constraints are.

The mobility of the griddle

For just about any appliance you choose, mobility will be a key factor thereafter when you are trying to move it from point A to point B. It is therefore important to first test how portable it is and whether its ease of portability matches your preference.

The griddle’s overall aesthetic appearance

Seeing as the griddle will spend most of its time on your kitchen counter, the last thing you want is to have one that isn’t at all appealing and more so one that completely disagrees with your kitchen décor.

It is therefore imperative in choosing a suitable griddle to go for one that is not only aesthetically appealing in terms of color but one that also has a stylishly sleek design as well.

The capacity of the griddle

The griddles capacity is another salient factor to consider when going out in search of a suitable griddle. In considering the capacity, one has to bear in mind the quantity of food that the griddle can be able to accommodate at a given time.

This helps determine whether there will be need to cook food in batches and whether one will need to cook a number of batches before they can ultimately achieve their desired quantity.

After all, the last thing you want is to cook batches and batches of food just because you have a small griddle that cannot accommodate enough food for the entire family.

Benefits of a griddle

There are a number of benefits that one stands to garner just by using a griddle. These include:

It provides a large enough cooking surface to cook large batches of food simultaneously.

The heat on a griddle is evenly distributed to ensure that the food is perfectly cooked.

Most griddles are nonstick in nature to help reduce the amount of fat you use to cook.

Using a griddle saves you the trouble of having to wash too many pans since it provides you with a big enough space to cook all your meals simultaneously.

Determining the best griddle requires careful research and putting a lot of thought into what you ultimately decide to pick.

A process that may take you some considerable amount of time especially seeing as your money is on the line. Nonetheless, we hope that with this breakdown and comprehensive product review you will be able to decide on one that’s best suited for your needs.

With the plethora of cooking tools made available in the market to make the cooking experience a little less daunting, it becomes rather difficult to sort of keep up with the trends.

And this often times results in confusion as one sets out to go purchase a suitable appliance.

Even so, this should not at all deter any chef whether professional or not from striving to be aware of most if not all of the kitchen accessories as they play a salient role in making delicious food.

Best deep fryer – 2018 buyer’s guide

​A deep fryer is perhaps not an urgent necessity in your kitchen. It is however, a great appliance to have around if you love fried food so much that you prepare fried dishes on a regular basis.

If you happen to fall into that category of people that loves deep fried recipes and would love to prepare them with less trouble but more often, it is time to put some serious thought into acquiring the best deep fryer your budget can afford.

Having this appliance on your kitchen top also comes in handy if you host parties regularly, and on which occasions you love to present new mixes of snacks.

To assuage the raging temptation to indulge in fried food, you most likely have to deal with extremely hot oil in a pot or the typical pan.

This is not a fun engagement because sizzling oil has a tendency to splatter all over your kitchen counter top or God forbid, onto you. This food preparation process also leaves you with an awful mess to deal with.

This guide will inform you of the issues you will need to look into before you can make an informed decision to purchase the best deep fryer. These issues include what meals you can make with this appliance. You will also learn about the various deep fryer categories.

​​The 5 best deep fryers 2018

Here now is a shortlist I prepared in my quest to find the top-most silicone splatter guard.

1. ​Cuisinart DF250 1800-Watt 2-1/5-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer

Cuisinart DF250 1800-Watt 2-1/5-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless

​With the Cuisinart DF250 1800-Watt 2-1/5-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless, you have 1800 watts of an immersion-style heating element at your disposal to create every one of your favorite golden-brown deep fried dishes, right there on your dining table.

It has powerful elements that perform an excellent job of heating your oil and then maintaining the attained heating level at precisely the right temperature while you add your food item.

It has a cleaver lid that virtually eliminates chances of harm arising from splattering hot oil.

Cleaning up after everything is done remains one of the easiest jobs compared to other kitchen top cooking appliances.

Facts and utilities

You get two and a half pounds food deep frying capacity with your Cuisinart DF250 1800-Watt 2-1/5-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless.

There is a hardy mesh basket. You get a domed lid that will catch any condensation, and a cool to the touch collapsible handle.

It has a one-gallon enamel coated and removable oil container that gives you a mechanism to manage your cooking process and cleaning once you are done cooking.

This, combined with dish washing safe components, grants you an appliance that is a breeze to clean up.


The Cuisinart DF250 1800-Watt 2-1/5-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless kitchen top appliance measures 11 by 16.5 by 12.25 inches in dimensions.

It will weigh 12.6 pounds on your counter top while it will arrive at your door weighing 16.2 pounds.

It is manufactured by Cuisinart and you will get your information regarding support and warranty from your customer service provider.


  • ​This appliance has powerful elements that heat oil fast and helps in maintaining temperature as you add cold food items.
  • ​It comes with a broad and deep basket that will let you spread your food item, ensuring full and even submerging.
  • ​ Its cleaver lid is cleverly designed to virtually eliminate splattering hot oil.
  • check
    ​Its analog and mechanical control system is less prone to failing compared to digital and electric control systems.
  • check
    It has a lid that is attached or hinged, which is easy to remove when you need additional space on your countertop.


  • ​Emptying used oil from the Cuisinart DF250 1800-Watt 2-1/5-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless could be rather messy because this appliance does not have a draining system.
  • close
    Its heating elements and basket are placed relatively high above the bottom. This means relatively more oil is required.

For the home based chef who needs a small fryer, probably a couple, this is the perfect deep fryer.

It does not take too much oil, it does a brilliant job, and is a breeze to clean up after.

Its oil drainage system is a gem.

This appliance works without creating hot spots, cool spots, and dangerous splattering that are regular results with stove top deep frying food.

2. ​Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, XL

23011615 Butterball XL Electric Fryer

​​You wish you could create onion rings, French fries, and chicken wings you only get at your favorite restaurant, at home.

With this kitchen counter top appliance, you have the right piece of equipment to accomplish just that.

This machine gives you a thirty-minute timer and stainless steel housing that is cool to your touch.

This makes deep frying food easy and actually fun.

Facts and Utilities  of Butterball Indoor electric powered turkey fryer

In the Butterball Indoor electric powered turkey fryer, you have on your kitchen counter top a crowd favorite.

No dispute arises about the delicious flavor outcomes of deep fried turkeys prepared with it.

This machine is so safe to use in a home setting that it has certification to operate indoors. Its porcelain coated inner pot will keep boiling oil safely contained.

In addition, you will use thirty-three percent less cooking oil of your choice compared to other conventional deep frying appliances.

To sum it up, you have an appliance in which you can deep-fry a twenty-pound turkey efficiently, safely, and without fearing oil will boil over the sides.

In addition, cleaning up the mess after cooking is easy.

Features of Butterball Indoor electric powered turkey fryer
23011615 Butterball XL Electric Fryer

The Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, XL measures 18.5 by 21.5 by 18 inches in dimensions on your kitchen counter top.

It weighs 26.9 pounds and is manufactured by MasterBuilt.

It has a drain port spigot that allows easy cleaning up once you are done cooking.

It has a built in timer to let you know it is time to remove your dish or check on it at least.

It has a stainless steel hook on an extension handle, which lets you lower your turkey into the boiling hot oil.

This keeps your hands safe from splattered hot oil that agitates a lot as you lower your turkey or food item.


  • ​This machine is much safer because you are not exposed to an open flame and you use it indoors, away from wind and weather, compared to conventional deep frying appliances.
  • check
    You will use comparatively less amounts of cooking oil and hence make savings on oil costs.
  • check
    As your turkey or food item is cooking, they remain fully covered, saving you from splattering hot oil.
  • check
    It is easy to clean, you can clean it with your dish washing machine safely, and it has mechanisms that allow you to recycle your cooking oil.


  • ​This appliance has a heating limitation at 375 degree Fahrenheit, significantly reducing oil temperature once a food dish is added at room temperature.
  • close
    It has a ridiculously short power connection cord. This limits its positioning on your kitchen counter top in relation to other appliances.

The Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, XL is nothing short of awesome.

Fill it with two gallons of peanut oil, turn it on at noon, immerse your turkey at 1:00 pm, and at 1:40 pm, raise out of the oil this deliciously crispy golden-brown on the outside, juicy and moist on the inside turkey.

You need not leave the comfort of your kitchen, no constant checking on the dish as it cooks, and you can concentrate on finishing off the trimmings.

3. ​Emeril by T-fal FR702D

Emeril by T-fal FR702D 1.8-Liter Deep Fryer with Integrated Oil Filtration, 1.1-Pound, Silver

​​Food items prepared from this kitchen top counter appliance comes out with relatively less oil absorbed in it.

This means greasy fries shall become a long forgotten memory.

The oil reservoir will make oil clog up, from loose breading associated with dishes such as onion rings, another distant memory. Its oil draining system does away with this phenomenal.

Once you are through with deep-frying your food, simply move the control to the appliance’s filter side.

Once the sensors determine the cooking oil is cool enough, it will drain this oil into its heavy plastic reservoir.

Once this is done, simply wash the parts in your dishwasher, except the control unit. All the other dismantled parts are dishwasher compatible.

Facts and Functions

The Emeril by T-fal FR702D 1.8-Liter Deep Fryer with Integrated Oil Filtration, 1.1-Pound, Silver filtration system will allow you to reuse your oil after filtering it.

In addition, once the oil is drained, enough drippings remain behind to make some lovely gravy.

This deep fryer has a fryer lid. This eliminates any splatter.

In addition, the steam coming out does not have greasy traits.

Emeril by T-fal FR702D Features
Emeril by T-fal FR702D 1.8-Liter Deep Fryer with Integrated Oil Filtration, 1.1-Pound, Silver

The Emeril by T-fal FR702D 1.8-Liter Deep Fryer with Integrated Oil Filtration, 1.1-Pound, Silver is made of stainless steel and weighs eight pounds on your kitchen top counter.

It measures 14 by 8.75 by 12 inches in dimensions.

It is silver in color and it is manufactured by T-fal.

This appliance has a system that allows automatic filtering and draining of cooking oil into a re-sealable storage container.

It also has temperature controls that can be adjusted.

Top professional grade heating elements assists in attaining the precise heat you require for crisp food items.

This appliance will hold a maximum of 1.1 pounds of your food item immersed in 1.8 liters of you favorite cooking oil.

Everything will be powered by 1200 watts of power.

It has a brushed stainless steel lid, pot, and exterior for long lasting hardiness.

Warranty and support information for this product from the manufacturer is available from the customer service provider.


  • ​Your food item will come out light and less oily compared to similar appliances.
  • ​It takes less than ten minutes to drain and filter the oil.


  • ​Care is required, to avoid lacerations that may arise from its sharp edged lid. A cutout section, which allows space for its heating element, is not adequately deburred. A ragged piece sticks up, and stainless steel is quite sharp.

For the home based chef who needs a small fryer, probably a couple, this is the perfect deep fryer.

It does not take too much oil, it does a brilliant job, and is a breeze to clean up after.

Its oil drainage system is a gem.

This appliance works without creating hot spots, cool spots, and dangerous splattering that are regular results with stove top deep frying food.

4. ​DeLonghi D34528DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer

DeLonghi D34528DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer

​​This appliance will give you ample room for thorough and even frying.

Fried food will come out fresh, hot, and crisp when you prepare them in this kitchen top appliance.

With its three-pound capacity, you have enough room to cook a meal for the entire family or appetizers for every guest in your party.

It comes with adjustable digital controls and dual zone technology, enabling you to cook food with your precise preferences.

Its design prevents odors, oil vapors, and food burning.

It will be very easy for you to drain, replace the cooking oil, and clean this appliance.

This is because this deep fryer has an oil cycle counter and an oil draining system.

Utilities and Facts

This appliance fries food with your specific preferences because it has a digital adjustable thermostat accompanied by an indicator light.

With these controls, you can set your temperature to between 300 and 370 degrees Fahrenheit.

A digital timer gives you control over cooking time to allow proper food frying.

DeLonghi D34528DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer

A permanent filter, made in stainless steel, will prevent lingering oil vapors and odor from accumulating in your kitchen and home.

You will be able to satisfy your entire family’s appetite on short notice with the big three-pound food capacity you get with this appliance.

With its four-liter oil capacity, you food gets an even and thorough frying.

In addition, hot oil and the greasy mess that remains behind is sorted with its patented, easy clean oil drainage system.


DeLonghi D34528DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer

This product measures 10.6 by 17.3 by 12 inches in dimension.

It is made of stainless steel and weighs 11.1 pounds on your kitchen top counter.

Its shipping weight is 14.1 pounds and it is manufactured by DeLoghi, while it originates in China.

It has a digital thermostat and an indicator light.

Its cool-touch handle is removable, and so is its heating element, which is in direct contact with the food item, leading to crispy and fast results.

DeLonghi D34528DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer
DeLonghi D34528DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer

It has a fry basket included and its cooking surface is non-stick.

It consumes 1500 watts and its parts are dishwasher safe.

It has condensation shielding that stops oil from dripping onto the power connection cord, a great safe operation feature.


  • ​This product folds up nicely, saving storage space.
  • ​Cleaning up after is easy with oil draining spigot, non-stick cooking surface, and dish washing machine compatibility


  • ​The handle is placed right in front of the vent. As such, take care when you fry with its lid on.

This is an excellent deep frying food appliance for your kitchen counter top.

It will heat fast, an important feature in the fast lane modern world.

Cleaning it up once cooking is done is relatively easy and allows cost savings in cooking oil, especially for a home that fries food regularly.

5. ​DeLonghi D44528DZ Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryer, Silver

DeLonghi D44528DZ Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryer, Silver

​​A generally accepted format allows great cooks to bring great meals to a dining table.

They begin with the freshest and finest ingredients.

Next, they rely on kitchen appliances that assist them to ma