Pasta Maker Reviews

Pasta Maker Reviews

Pasta makers were life-savers to all pasta lovers. They made it much easier to make your pasta in various shapes and sizes in the comfort of the kitchen in your house. There are a variety of pasta makers available in the market, especially on Amazon. It is simple to buy a pasta maker when you are sure of what you are looking for. This includes the power of the machine, size as well as the make of the machine.

There are a variety of pasta makers and most of them have clamps that attach them to your kitchen counter top. There are certain features you may need to look into before buying your machine. Here are some of them:

  • Be on the lookout for models made of stainless steel and all metal parts. They are often stronger and more likely to last longer.
  • Check the thickness setting. The best devices have more than five thickness settings since they give you choices.
  • The hand crank is also an important aspect. It should be able to fit well turn with ease. Although there will be some resistance, it should not require you to put on too much force. On the other hand, it should also not feel like it is free-wheeling inside.
  • Be sure that you have a machine that fits into your budget as well.
  • Last but not least, do some research and consider the reviews on the machines available in the market.

The Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine is a stainless steel machine that is silver and has a pasta cutter, and a hand crank. This master-piece is used in the making of 3 pasta shapes being fettuccine, tagliolini, and lasagna. Additionally, it comes with full, easy-to-read guidelines that make comprehension and its use worthwhile. This pasta maker is easy to clean as you may only need a dry cloth or brush. The dough must be rolled up to a thickness between 0.6- 4.8millimeter and a width of 150millimeters so as to produce 10 varying thicknesses. This ensures that the pasta has a consistent taste, texture as well as the cooking time. Perfect pasta makes it easier to take in the sauce it is served with.

The Marcato Atlas Pasta machine has an online rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is marked as a best seller with up to 1,675 reviews. Some of the reviews included, “the pasta perfection”, “the pasta dream”, and also “This works great! It’s easy to assemble.” With all that said and done, you can get more information on

The Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine is also available on Amazon. It is made of steel, plastic or wood that was chrome-plated. It can produce the fettuccine as well as the tagliatelle pasta in 6 varying sizes. It is an affordable machine that is shipped to different locations across the world. This machine has been rated 4.5 out of 5 with outstanding customer reviews. It has been termed as “a very cool gadget that does a great job” and also “worth every penny of its expense”. However, one client confessed that it could be difficult to clean after use but it is “a piece of cake to use” according to another user. For more information on this pasta maker or inquiry, you could find it on

The Philips Pasta Maker is an incredible machine made of strong material. This machine has the ability to get everything done for you including; mixing the ingredients, kneading as well as extruding is a couple of minutes. This pasta maker comes with guidelines and recipes that allow you to add spinach, eggs and also carrot juice which are more nutritional. The Philips pasta maker has an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. The flavors are also endless.

This machine comes in white with 200W power that has the ability to exert 1600 pounds force during extrusion of the dough. It also has a 1-year warranty. To top it off, it has a LED display, a detachable shaft, non-slip feet and also an automatic shut-off. It also has a preset cooking function. All these functions work hand-in-hand to offer the pasta the best taste and texture in a matter of a few minutes.

There are 366 reviews about this machine most of which are impressive with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The customers are impressed at how accurate this pasta maker is with the ability to work accurately as described in its video. Additionally, it is also very easy to use and highly recommended. This pasta maker is available on the Amazon online store and you can get more details on

The OxGord Stainless Steel fresh pasta maker roller machine for spaghetti noodle fettuccine is another amazing machine that enables you to make Linguine and Spaghetti Alfredo among others. It is specifically built to take dishwashing. It is made of stainless steel with steel rollers as well as blades that allow you to opt for 9 varying thickness settings. The blades are three and have the ability to make different kinds of noodles.

The ratings of this pasta making machine are slightly lower than the other machines at 4.0. However, the customer reviews are positive. One user agrees that the device is sturdy and made of high-quality materials. Another user of the OxGord pasta maker agreed that it mixes the dough well by saying, “This is a small machine, but it rolls like a breeze. I am so happy with it.” Additionally, another client recommends the ease in assembly of the machine. On the other hand, there is a complaint that the attachment used to cut the fettuccine and spaghetti was difficult to clean especially since it is not to be cleaned with water. The clamp also does not fit over the edge of the countertop and requires a supplement from a pipe clamp.

This pasta maker is available at an affordable price on Amazon. For more details, check it out

There are many different kinds of pasta and the Ravioli is one of them. Amazon has a Norpo Ravioli Maker with Press that can make up to twelve kinds of ravioli that are 4cm each. Additionally, there is no need for a pasta roller since you can user your rolling pin. This Ravioli Maker is also useful in the making of other types of dumplings such as Manti, Wontons and even Jiaozi.

This ravioli maker has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. It makes perfect ravioli that allows you to make the most accurate ones without any guessing. One of the buyers confessed, “I have used other tools, but this is the best and the quickest.” Also, this is an affordable machine that gets the work done accurately and fast as it works just as good as an expensive one. “…I am very pleased with the manufacturing qualities and the results of this device. It produces perfectly uniform ravioli and still saves time,” was the review of yet another client. When using this device, it is recommended that you spray some canola oil on both the metal plate and the plastic dimpler.

For all the ravioli pasta makers, this is the machine for you. For more details, visit:

The Cucitella Premium Pasta Maker is a high-quality tool sold at a lower price. It is manufactured using extra-strong stainless steel with a ABS plastic molded frame that has a matte black finish. The hand crank is comfortable making it easier roll and cut the pasta. The cutters on this tool vary in thickness hence it is easier to adjust from the thinner strands of spaghetti to the thicker noodles of fettuccine.

The premium pasta maker had a 4.5 rating out of five with many reviewers acknowledging the machine’s work.  It does the work well and makes the process faster. One of the reviewers said, “it did a very good job working with an uncompromising dough.”  However, there were several complaints that the machine does not attach well on the counter top. Additionally, the clients do not like the reeking smell of the mothballs that come with the pasta maker. The disappointments that this particular machine has is discouraging as one of the clients commented, “This is ultra-low end Chinese dollar store junk. Avoid this and do not make the mistake I made by believing the good reviews.”

For more information on this machine, check out The CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe has the capability to make spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair, ravioli as well as lasagnette.

“The product is relatively inexpensive and it gets the work done. I have not found any black and metallic particle in my pasta as a previous client had said. The pasta does travel to the side as you crank but it still comes through. The product seems to be built steadily.” This was a review by one of the clients of this pasta maker brand. Another confessed that it may be small, but it is easy to use and remarkably fast.

More details on this product are available on The Innovee Pasta Maker is a machine that takes quality into consideration. It has heat-treated gears to ensure that it does not wear out fast. Its design also plays a part in its quality since it is manufactured with steel that is chrome-plated. The rollers, on the other hand, are nickel plated. Finally, it is polished to ensure it is not only sturdy but also looks good in your kitchen.

The cutter attachments are also easy to attach and gives you the option to prepare whatever your mood demands from you. The adjustable settings offer you nine different thickness levels for your pasta. You can easily make large, thick, small or thin pasta at your comfort. This is the ideal machine that could save you money. It is affordable and does not compromise the quality of your pasta. You do not even have to go to a restaurant to satisfy your craving if you are a pasta lover.

This pasta maker has a hassle-free money-back guarantee- isn’t that something worth your money? For more details

The Huijia Wellness 150 Pasta Maker is a strong durable machine made from steel and aluminum (that keeps rusting to a minimal). This device has a pasta roller that is inbuilt. Additionally, there is a clamp with handles, a hand crank, and cutters- that are both wide and narrow. There are 9 adjustable settings on a dough roller dial that controls the thickness of the dough to come up with your favorable preference. There are also differing shapes to choose from in case you would like to make Tagliatelle or linguine.

The Huijia pasta maker has been reviewed as a device with remarkable quality and ease of use. Also, it saves a lot of time as compared to making any kind of pasta by hand. The tool is easy to clean and no water is needed. Besides, there is nothing as satisfying as being able to make quality fresh pasta in the comfort of your home. They are always much better than the boxed pasta that is bought in stores. In case you are looking for a tool that can make wrappers, this one is the best. It makes incredible wonton wrappers.

However, the clamp does not do a good job on holding the machine down. This may make it a challenge to make the noodles alone. But if you have company in the kitchen, you won’t have a big problem with it. With a rating of 4.3 out of five, it looks like it could be worth my time and money.

Do you think this could change your pasta experience? If so, check it out on Amazon and make a purchase. Besides making pasta, a pasta making machine can be used for other kitchen ideas since it has the ability to roll out anything really thin and flat. This includes;

  • Rolling fondant, chocolate play dough, and other cake or gingerbread decorating since it is easier to use it when it has been evenly rolled out as thin as possible
  • Used for rolling out anything that needs to be really thin such as pierogis
  • Used to make crackers
  • Great for making pita bread pockets
  • Used to make Asian noodles
  • Making wonton and egg roll wrappers

In case the pasta makers are out of reach, there are some spiralizer vegetable cutters that get the work done. They may not be as effective but they are worth it. To use them, however, you will have to knead the dough by hand.

The Yoassi FDA Certified and Improved Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer is one of the best alternatives. It is made of BPA-free stainless steel that is made of APS plastic and food grade steel making it FDA certified. It is easy to clean and has features that allow it to ensure minimal wastage. Its blades also make it favorable since it has a julienne blade that cuts spaghetti perfectly as well as a flat blade that easily produces flat noodles. These blades are incredibly sharp ensuring no jamming or clogging. Its cylindrical shape makes it easy to twist. It comes with a 12month warranty and in case a buyer has an issue with the product, it can be resolved within 24-hours.

For more details on this device, check out

There are other pasta making apparatus that also help in preparing the pasta. These include the pasta drying racks. They are considerably cheap and come in handy after you have already made the strips. The Norpo Pasta Drying Rack is a must have for the benefit of your fresh, homemade pasta. It is made of eco-friendly rubberwood with a base that is heavy and thick for stability. The wood ensures that the pasta do not interfere with each other as they hang to dry. Once the pasta has dried, it is easy to disassemble the rack making it easier to store it safely. This apparatus is important because it saves time and keeps the mess to a minimal. It is easy to clean as you wipe it down with a damp cloth.

The customer reviews are impressive as many users agree it is made of good quality and can hold enough pasta to feed 6 people. “I cannot live without this since we make so much homemade noodles” was the review of yet another client. It is also available on amazon and can be found here

A pasta maker is an incredible machine for those who enjoy being creative and love pasta. It saves you on the quality of noodles that are either frozen or packed in boxes. Additionally, you can have fun in the kitchen with your family and friends.

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of pasta, then you do not need to buy one for yourself unless you use it for something else. It is all up to you to understand why you are getting the device. If you can go ahead and buy the noodles and you do not mind the taste and quality, and you do not often take them, then, there is no need to get one that you may only use while you are trying it out.

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